Academic Accommodations

Ensuring access for every student

Dalhousie celebrates the diversity of its students and is committed to providing a learning environment and community in which everyone can participate without discrimination. This includes ensuring that every student has access to the university’s academic programs, activities, facilities and services.

If you need some sort of academic accommodation due to a disability, religious obligation or any barrier related to any other characteristic protected under the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act, the advisors in the Student Accessibility Centre can help you develop strategies and arrange accommodations.

Accommodations in the classroom can include:

  • Verbalizing visually presented information
  • Alternate formatting of classroom materials
  • Note taking in the classroom
  • Assistive technology* (specialized software and hardware)
  • FM system* (assistive listening device)
  • Sign-language interpretation*
  • Breaks for prayer

Exam, test and quiz accommodations can include:

  • Extended time
  • Timed breaks or stop-time breaks during exam
  • Writing in own room or small group
  • Having a reader and/or a scribe
  • Use of a computer
  • Use of disability-specific assistive technology
  • Alternate formatting of evaluation materials

Non-academic accommodations can include:

  • Physical accessibility to buildings, classrooms, and facilities
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Adaptive furniture, such as adjustable tables or chairs
  • Appropriate room in student residence
  • Private space for prayer
  • Private space for breast feeding

Please note that it’s your responsibility to request accommodations well in advance.

View the Accommodation Policy and forms for requesting accommodations.