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Update on Residence Application Process

Posted by Staff on June 17, 2021 in Residence
Shirreff Hall
Shirreff Hall

On June 17, 2021, an email was sent to a group of residence applicants to inform them that, unfortunately, due to high demand and limited space, we are not able to offer a room in residence for them this Fall.

Why are some applicants not able to get a room?

In normal years, Dal has about 2,300 residence spaces available on its Halifax campus. This has generally been enough to meet annual demand. However, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, public health measures require that we limit our overall capacity to 80% -- or about 1,800 spaces.

In accordance with our room assignment policy, priority is given to current residence students who re-applied by our March deadline and new, direct-from-high-school students who applied by June 15. Demand for rooms among these groups is high, leaving very little space available for current students (including those who studied remotely last year), transfer students and others whose residence applications are reviewed after June 15.

What other options are available?

The best we can offer at this time is to add applicants who did not get a room to our waiting list. To be added to our waiting list, please contact us at If there are any cancellations, we will contact those on the list in the order they applied.

Despite low-vacancy rates in Halifax, off-campus options are available. (See the latest rental market report from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.) Here are a couple of resources to help students find a flat or apartment:

  • Our Off-campus Housing website,, offers helpful resources and a link to the Places4Students website, which lists available accommodations in local houses and apartment buildings.
  •  Dal’s Off-campus Advisor, at can direct you to additional resources.

Students who find accommodations elsewhere and would still like a meal plan may purchase an Off Campus Meal Plan from Dal Food Services (Please note: The new rates for Fall 2021 will be posted July 31). For more information, please contact Dal Food Services at

How can students living off campus still be involved in the Dalhousie community?

For students living off campus, there are many ways in which you can be an active part of the Dalhousie community! There are too many ways to list them all but here are a few:

  • Attend Orientation. Hosted by the Dalhousie Student Union, Orientation provides an opportunity for students to attend social events and information sessions starting in the summer. All of the information and event dates will be posted on the website, so stay tuned for upcoming updates.
  • Connect with classmates and create a community through the Together@Dal program. Register and learn more about this unique program.
  • Interact on Dal Mobile. This convenient app allows users to interact with other students, find various resources and social engagement opportunities. Start making friends and building community before arriving on campus by joining the Incoming Class of 2021-22 group. Learn more and download the Dal Mobile app.
  • Join societies and clubs. These are a great way to explore shared topics and passions with peers and become part of the community. Through the Dal Student Union, Dalhousie has over 250 societies and clubs available. Visit to browse through their many options.
  • Be active through Dal Athletics. The Dalplex also offers students the opportunity to play recreational sport with a focus on getting active and having fun with friends. There are over 15 intramural teams and dozens of clubs to choose from, and are a great way to find a new interest or develop your skills.
  • Participate in Dal after Dark. This is a program for all students that hosts an array of events throughout the year, such as bubble soccer, silent discos and carnivals. Visit their website to learn more.

In closing, we thank all applicants for their interest in residence. We are sorry that we are unable to offer spaces to all applicants at this time. We know this must be disappointing.

We thank everyone in advance for their understanding and wish all applicants who did not get a residence room success in their search for alternate accommodations.

If you have questions or concerns, contact