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Emergency Restrictions in Residence

Posted by Staff on April 28, 2021 in Residence
Risley Hall
Risley Hall

The Province of Nova Scotia announced some new province wide public health restrictions that impact our summer residents currently living in Risley Hall.  

Effective immediately the following changes to our emergency restrictions will be in place:

  • masks must be worn at all times in residence unless you are in your personal bedroom
  • social distancing of at least two meters should be observed at all times
  • only ONE additional person is allowed in any residence room
  • only TWO people are allowed in the kitchens and laundry rooms at a time 
  • no alcohol or cannabis permitted in residence even if you are 19 years of age 

Finally, if you are required to isolate for any reason please contact Residence Life so we can move you to our isolation area. 902-220-9038