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Self‑Isolation Registration Information

Posted by Staff on July 28, 2020 in Residence
Fraser House - Agricultural Campus, Truro
Fraser House - Agricultural Campus, Truro

Updated Aug. 12

Residence students living outside Atlantic Canada were notified Friday, July 24, that they have the option to self-isolate in a designated residence building upon their arrival for the Fall 2020 term.

Currently, provincial Public Health directives require that anyone from outside the "Atlantic Bubble" needs to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Nova Scotia. Residence students were advised that they may self-isolate in either Howe Hall on the Halifax campus or Fraser House on the Agricultural campus beginning Aug. 22.

Regardless of where residence students choose to self-isolate upon arriving in Nova Scotia, they will need to complete our Self-isolation Registration form, which asks for such important information as their arrival date and where they’ll be self-isolating.

To apply for a self-isolation room, qualified residence students need to complete one of two Self-isolation Registration forms – one form for students assigned to a residence on the Halifax campus and one form to be completed by students assigned to a room on the Agricultural campus in Truro. Students need to complete the form by the Aug. 17 deadline to allow staff time to prepare the rooms.

If the self-isolation registration form is not completed by Aug. 17, we will assume that you will not be requiring accommodations with Dalhousie. Not self-isolating when you arrive in the Atlantic provinces is a very serious offence and could result in a significant fine.

After the self-isolation period has been completed, students may move to their allocated residence room for the year.

On-campus self-isolation: Service and Costs

Students arriving to self-isolate before Sept. 5 – the date when residence officially opens -- will be charged between $20 and $150 in total, depending on when they arrive.

Meals are not included, and because students will not be permitted to leave their rooms other than to use the washroom facilities they will be required to order their meals from local food outlets. A list of various restaurants that offer take-out service will be provided to all students upon arrival. Staff will deliver the ordered meals to the room between pre-set hours. For this reason, students were advised to bring a supply of non-perishable snacks and fluids with them.

Self-isolation: Health & Safety Requirements

Registered residence students will receive an information package when they arrive outlining both the Public Health guidelines for self-isolation, as well as the supports available over their 14-day self-isolation period. These safety guidelines include:

  • Students are required to remain in their room at all times, other than to use the washroom and for short periods of time for exercise or get some fresh air.
  • When outside their designated self-isolation residence, students must at all times:
    • remain on campus
    • wear a mask
    • adhere to social distancing
  • Everyone is required to bring a reliable thermometer and take their temperature at least twice a day.
  • If a student becomes ill or registers a temperature of 38°C or higher, they will need to contact a ResLife team member immediately who will provide additional instructions.
  • Students will be required to clean their own room and are advised to bring a supply of cleaning supplies (hand wipes, sanitizers, disinfectant cleaner) for that purpose.


All students planning to move into residence this fall are reminded that Dalhousie is not responsible for any expenses incurred, including those due to cancelled flights, travel restrictions (including changes to travel restrictions), and not being able to obtain a study permit and/or visitor visa.

Change in self-isolation requirements

It’s important to note that while self-isolation is currently a requirement for anyone coming to Nova Scotia from outside Atlantic Canada, this government-issued directive may change at any time.

If the self-isolation rules change after students have registered to self-isolate on campus, their reservation will be cancelled and they may move into their assigned room during the regular move-in period. (Check your Dal email for a link to your Before You Arrive module where you can get move-in instructions and schedule a move-in appointment.)

Stay safe. Stay informed.

To safeguard the health and safety of our students and the entire university community, Dal will always follow the guidelines prescribed by public health officials. However, these safety guidelines – including self-isolation directives may change. All students are strongly advised to keep themselves informed about the latest provincial and federal public health guidelines as they make their travel plans.