Apply to live in an RLLC

ResLife Learning Communities (RLLCs)
are designed to foster community and help like-minded students thrive while participating in programs and activities that they will enjoy.

RLLCs provide an excellent opportunity to engage in the residence community and meet new friends.

To ensure that students who join RLLCs are interested in the programs and activities offered, we ask that students wanting to join an RLLC complete a brief application process through DalOnline.

To request to live in an RLLC, please complete the following steps:

1. Log into DalOnline
2. Select Web for Students
3. Select Residence Application
4. Click to continue, this will bring you to the Residence Hub Page
5. Select “Access Your Requests” under the current year
6. Select “Request a RLLC”
7. Complete the RLLC request form.
    a. Select which RLLC you are interested in (you may only select one)
    b. Answer the RLLC application questions

Once you have completed the application, a confirmation email will be sent to your Dal email. This does not mean your request has been approved. You may review your request at any time.

You will receive notification about your request through your Dal email.

If you would like to change your RLLC request, please contact the Residence Office.