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Safety & Insurance

Residence safety

The friendly nature of Residence might mean you don't pay as much attention to your own personal safety as you should. Here are some important safety tips to remember:

  • Don't prop doors open. If you find one propped open, close it.
  • Don't lend your keys/keycard out to friends.
  • Report lost or stolen keys/card immediately to the residence office.
  • Don't keep money, wallets, valuables or jewellery lying out.
  • Don't leave your room unlocked, even to go to the washroom.
  • Don't let people you don't know into your residence.
  • Develop a buddy system to go shopping, to walk to and from class, etc.
  • Know the location of the emergency phones in your area.
  • Let your fellow residents know where you are going.

Tiger Patrol

Tiger Patrol offers a free shuttle bus service to all students, faculty and staff of Dalhousie University. Your DalCard will serve as your boarding pass, so make sure you don't forget it!

Fire safety

  • Activate the fire alarm if you detect a fire in a building.
  • Exit by the nearest stairway.
  • Call the Dal Security emergency number, 4109, or use a Blue Light Phone to notify emergency personnel.
  • Learn the locations of the emergency exits and fire equipment.
  • Always exit the building in the event of a fire alarm.

Personal insurance for your belongings

Purchasing personal insurance for your belongings is up to you. The university is not liable, directly or indirectly, for theft or loss of personal property due to fire, water, or any other cause. Therefore, just like for an apartment, you are encouraged to have your own insurance against loss or damage to personal property. You might be covered under your parents' home policy while living in residence. Be sure to check that out before you arrive.