Room Transfers

Request a room change over the summer

To request a room transfer before you move into residence, please complete the following steps.

1. Log into DalOnline
2. Select Web for Students
3. Select Residence Application
4. Click continue to go to the Residence Hub Page
5. Accept your current offer
6. Select “Access Your Requests" under the current year
7. Select “Request a Room Transfer”
8. Complete the room transfer request form:

  • Preferences: You can enter up to 2 preferences. You must include building, room type and noise level in your request. You can also specifiy house or floor you'd like. If you do not have a specific house or floor in mind, then select "all." You may also enter a specific room number, but this is not required.     
  • Move Date: If you are requesting a transfer before arrival, then select "as soon as possible."   
  • Reason for Transfer: Select a reason for the transfer request.   
  • Roommates: You may enter the name of a roommate or roommates that you would like to live with, or close to, if you'll be living in a single room.    
  • Additional Information: You may provide additional information for us to consider when processing your room transfer request   
  • Terms & Conditions: You must read and agree to the terms listed.
  • Submit Request     

One you have submitted your request, a confirmation email will be sent to your Dal email. You be notified by email when your request has been processed. You can review your submitted requests at any time.

If you would like to change your room transfer request, please contact the Residence Office.

Changing rooms during the school year

There is normally a settling-in period in residence so transfers are not allowed for non-medical reasons during the first three weeks of term. Room transfers are possible when space is available. Transfers are granted in order of where you are on the transfer list.

You should start by speaking with your Residence Assistant or your Residence Life Manager if you're having trouble getting along with a roommate or neighbour.

Medical and safety concerns

Priority is given to students with medical and safety concerns. All medical concerns require full documentation, which you must deliver to the Residence Office. In all instances, transfers are only granted if space permits.