Pre‑order Books & Dorm Essentials

Have your textbooks and dorm gear delivered and waiting for you!

That's exactly what placing an order ahead of time with the Dal Bookstore will do. Pay with your DalCard and receive 5% back toward future Bookstore purchases! Learn how to load money on to your DalCard.

Ordering Period: July-August, 2022

Books in Res

Purchase your books and course supplies online during the ordering period and they'll be picked, boxed and shipped directly to your residence room -- a great way to save time and avoid the lines!

Visit the Bookstore website during the ordering period to order your textbooks.

Can't find your textbook? If a textbook is not available when you place an order, it will not appear on the list of available books. Please re-order at a later date or contact Shauna Nickerson at for assistance.

Dorm Essentials

In addition to textbooks, the Dal Bookstore also carries a wide selection of items for your room including bedding, like sheets, blankets and pillows, and much more! Best of all, if you purchase these items online during the ordering period, you can request to have them delivered to your residence at no extra cost.

Make your new home yours. Shop for your Dorm Essentials through the Dal Bookstore during the ordering period.

What to expect

  • Your purchase will be delivered directly to your room if completed within the ordering period.
  • Delivery to residence is free!
  • Early arrivals: if you are permitted to move into residence early, please email Shauna Nickerson to arrange to have your order picked up.