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Frequently Asked Questions

Residence FAQs for family and friends

What is residence life like?

"Residence life is an incredibly diverse and unique experience. The opportunities for creativity, success and exploration are endless. Sharing your space and your life with others is a humbling experience that can teach you a lot about who you are and who you want to become."

-Jeff Wilson, Residence Life Manager, Howe Hall

If something goes wrong, where can my daughter or son turn?

"Every student living in residence is encouraged to make a personal connection with their Residence Assistant (RA). RAs can be the first point of contact and referral to many services on campus, including academic advising, health services and counselling services.

Residence Life Managers are trained professional staff equipped to handle any crisis big or small with care and compassion. Professional residence staff both live and work in our residence buildings so they are easily accessible."

-Jeff Wilson, Residence Life Manager, Howe Hall

How much studying gets done in residence?

"Each individual student finds their own balance between studying and the rest of life. Both halves of the modern student are an important part of their development.

Residence is a great place to study and it’s easy to find a quiet space to tuck away and be productive. We have lots of dedicated spaces to study and complete assignments inside our residences and we also have very fast WiFi."

-Jeff Wilson, Residence Life Manager, Howe Hall

How safe are the residences and the campus?

"We do everything we can to make our residences (and campus) as safe and secure as possible. Residence Assistants, professional residence staff and security are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to respond to any concerns.

Residence buildings have secured entrances along with staffed front desks and evening checkpoints in some locations."

-Jeff Wilson, Residence Life Manager, Howe Hall

Will my student have trouble meeting people?

"There are so many different ways and plenty of opportunities to get involved and meet people on campus and in Halifax or Truro. Residence Assistants organize events and educational opportunities.

Dalhousie has hundreds of clubs and societies covering many different interests and hobbies, plus an incredibly diverse offering of intramural activities. If your student is having trouble meeting people, encourage them to seek out something that matches their personality so that they can meet others interested in the same thing."

-Jeff Wilson, Residence Life Manager, Howe Hall

Who should I speak to if my student has a food allergy or special dietary need?

If your student has any dietary needs, like an allergy or intolerance, we encourage you to get in touch with me, the on-campus Dietitian (Halifax Campus only). 

I'm available to work with students to accommodate their dietary needs and ensure they are comfortable navigating our dining halls and enjoying their meals. 

I can be reached by email at dietitian@dal.ca or by telephone at 902-494-4571.

-Carmen Swain, Registered Dietitian