Getting Along with Your Roommate

Making a new friend

Living in residence can be a great deal of fun–some of the best friends you’ll ever have might be living down the hall from you. At the same time, it can be stressful to live in close proximity to a large number of people. You may find that you have a conflict with your roommate or some of the people on your floor. But how you chose to handle these situations will determine whether this will be a positive experience or a negative one.

Top 10 tips for getting along with your roommate

  1. Maintain open channels of communication. Talk about things–no silent treatment. And listen to one another.
  2. Be honest with each other.
  3. Start a conversation, not an argument.
  4. Assume good intentions.
  5. Discuss serious problems away from your room in a neutral location, if possible.
  6. Keep roommate issues between roommates. And keep floormate issues between only the floormates involved. Turn to your RA for non-judgemental advice and peer mediation.
  7. Talk to your roommate––you may be missing out on someone pretty cool if you can’t get past your first impression of them.
  8. Review roommate/community agreements regularly.
  9. Treat yourself and one another with respect.
  10. Have fun and stay positive. Residence can be an amazing experience—it’s all about how you look at it.