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Check‑out Process

What you should know

Checking out at the end of the school year should be as easy as when you checked into your residence room. You need to move out of your residence room within 24 hours of your last exam in April. This will keep the residence quiet for others to study. If your exam is on the last day, you need to move out of your room by noon the following day.

When you move out, you need to:

  • make sure that your room is clean and all garbage has been removed
  • get rid of unwanted clothing, furniture, electronics and household items by taking them to a  a drop-off location for donation
  • double check that all original furniture and fixtures from the room are present and in the same condition they were when you checked in
  • arrange for a Residence Assistant (RA) to inspect your room
  • return your keys to your RA (when moving out, you can’t leave keys in your room or with any other resident)

Avoid fines and penalties

It’s important to follow the check-out procedures to avoid fines or penalties for the following situations:

  • not following check-out procedures
  • damaging any part of the room
  • leaving a mess in your room or common areas
  • having missing furniture or keys