Temporary Accommodations

Need a place to stay while you're apartment hunting or while you're waiting to move in? Here's a sample of bed & breakfast, inn, hostel and other temporary accommodations nearby to Dal.

Go to the Destination Halifax website for more information on local accommodations.

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Waverly Inn
1266 Barrington Street
(902) 423-9346

Garden South Park Inn
1263 South Park
(902) 492-8577

Commons Inn
5780 West Street/2400 Agricola Street
(902) 484-3466

Halifax Backpacker’s Hostel
2193 Gottingen Street
(902) 431-3170

Halifax Heritage House Hostel
Hostelling International
1253 Barrington Street
(902) 422-3863


Premiere Executive Suites
Various locations
(902) 420-1333

Homewood Suites by Hilton
1960 Brunswick St
(902) 407-9955

Moore Suites
Various locations