Other Online Listings

A variety of websites and online searches offer apartment, room and rental listings within Halifax. Remember to trust your instincts and follow the guidelines set out in Being a Tenant.

Third-party services and resources

Third-party service providers and their associated properties, products or services are not affiliated with Dalhousie Off-Campus Housing. They are intended as a resource only, and Dalhousie cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of the content or information contained under the links. Risk of loss arising out of use is solely the responsibility of the user.

Looking for a family rental?

Look no further than Peter Green Hall
Peter Green Hall is located at 1094 Wellington St., just minutes away from both the Studley and Carleton campuses. Peter Green Hall offers students and their families comfortable and affordable accommodation with a family atmosphere. Peter Green Hall is now owned by Dalhousie University and is leased and operated by the Halifax Student Housing Society. The Society consists of members who are tenants at Peter Green Hall.
See the Peter Green Hall website to learn more.