Walk to Dal

Looking for a place within walking distance of campus? Keep this list handy while you're searching for rentals. All these streets are a 20-minute walk, or less, from Dal's Studley Campus.

Aberdeen St.
Annandale St.
Beaufort Ave.
Beech St.
Bellevue Ave.
Belmont Rd.
Belmont on the Arm
Binney St.
Birchdale Ave.
Birmingham St.
Bland St.
Blenheim Terr.
Bliss St.
Bower Road
Brenton St.
Briar Lane
Bridgedale Ave.
Cambridge St.
Carlton St.
Cartaret St.
Cedar St.
Cherry St.
Chestnut St.
Clyde St.
Coburg Rd
College St.
Conrose Ave.
Cornwall St
Cromwell St.
Dalhousie St.
Davis St.
Dresdon Row
Edward St
Fairfield Rd.
Fenwick St.
Fraser St.
Garden Rd.
Geldert St.
Gorsebrook Ave.
Greenwood Ave.
Harvard St.
Henry St.
Inglis St.
Jennings St.
Jubilee Rd.
Larch St.
LeMarchant St
Lilac St.
Linden St.
Lucknow St
Lundy's Lane
Maplewood Estates
Marlborough Ave
Marlborough Woods
Monastery Lane
Murry PI.
Norwood St.
Oakland St
Oxford St
Payzant Ave
Pinehill Drive
Pepperell St
Preston St
Quinpool Rd.
Regina Terr.
Rhuland St
Ridgewood Dr
Ritchie Dr.
Robie St.
Rockcliff St.
Rosebank Ave
Roxton Rd
Seldon St.
Seymour St.
Shirley St.
South Park St.
South St.
Spring Garden Rd
Studley St.
Summer St.
Thompson Ct.
Thornvale Ave
Tower Rd
Victoria Rd
Waegwoltic Ave
Walnut St.
Waterloo St.
Watt St.
Wellington St.
Winnick Rd
Wright Ave.
Yale St.
York St.
Yukon St.