Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences FIGs

These First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) are open to any new student in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences who is entering as a first-year undeclared BA student.

Note: For the Fall 2021 term, second-year FASS students may also register for these FIGs.

In these FIGs, you’ll meet other first-year students with similar interests, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore those interests, and future academic and career options, with senior peers and with experts—all in a small group setting.

Fall 2021 FIG options for Arts students:

FIGA 0001: International Politics, Development, Law, and Social Justice

You are coming to Dal to learn more about international relations and Canada's place in the world, or about inequality and how to address it. You might be considering a career in international human rights work, development projects, or politics. You might be planning to take courses in gender and women’s studies, sociology and social anthropology, history and more, with an eye to later entering law school.

FIGA 0002: Literature & the Performing Arts

You’re coming to Dal to study literature, drama, and the performing arts. You might be considering a career as an artist or as a teacher of the arts. You enjoy exploring how creative works help us understand ourselves and our world.

FIGA 0007: Human Behaviour

You are coming to Dal to learn more about human behaviour. You may be interested in the underlying triggers of mental illness, or be curious about how children learn to speak or to develop social skills. Or maybe you’re interested in how groups of humans behave – how crowds form and act as they do, why some societies tend to competition while others seem to promote cooperation, etc.  

FIG registration

You sign up for a FIG when you register for your courses! Make sure the FIG time slot doesn't conflict with any of your other courses.