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Register for Courses


Before you begin

To register for courses after you've been accepted at Dalhousie, you first need to:

How to register for your courses

Step 1

Download a course planning worksheet for the program you're entering. It will help map out your class schedule for your first year at Dal.

Step 2

Check the academic calendar for course descriptions to see which ones interest you and find out a bit more about the required courses you need to take.

Step 3

Check the academic timetable to find out when your preferred courses take place (days and times). Some of the courses may also have labs or tutorials that are at different times than the actual lectures.

Step 4

Create your schedule using the course information from the academic timetable.

Step 5

Register for your courses using Dal Online.

Step 6

Verify the registration process went correctly and you have the schedule you want.

Registration step 1: Download a course planning worksheet

Find the worksheet for the faculty and program you're entering and start planning your schedule.