Staying Safe & Solving Problems


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Campus Security

DalSAFE app

Download the DalSAFE mobile app for quick access to: Security Services; interactive maps; health and wellness; real-time chat with dispatch; and alerts about campus hazards, closures, or other significant events. Available for Apple, Android, and Blackberry.

Dal Security Services
Emergency: 902-494-4109
General info/parking questions: 902-494-6400
1252 Lemarchant St. 

Dal Security is in charge of keeping our campuses safe for everyone. They're also in charge of parking passes for those who need one on campus. Call the emergency number for any emergencies that happen on campus or contact them directly through the DalSAFE app.

Code of Student Conduct

Everyone at Dalhousie is expected to treat others with dignity and respect. The Code of Student Conduct allows Dalhousie to take disciplinary action if students don't follow this community expectation. The Code covers many types of behaviour, including:

  • offences against people
  • offences involving property
  • alcohol and drug use
  • unauthorized use of university facilities, equipment, or services

For more information about the Code, visit the "Student Conduct" page in the "Student Life" section of

Equity & Accessibility Office
Student Union Building (3rd floor)

The Equity & Accessibility (E&A) Office addresses issues of systemic discrimination and institutional oppression—based on race, gender, sexuality, class, religion, immigration status, country of origin, age, physical ability, and mental health status—at Dalhousie and within the Dalhousie Student Union. The E&A Office strives to implement a framework of anti-oppression in the work of the DSU to make union operations more equitable and accessible for all.

Human Rights & Equity Services (HRES)

Dalhousie is committed to fostering an inclusive working and learning environment where we all share the responsibility for ensuring a climate of respect. If you feel you’ve been harassed, discriminated against, or experienced sexual violence, contact HRES for confidential support and advice about your options for resolution. Call or email to make an appointment.


The ombudsperson provides independent, impartial, and confidential assistance and advice to students who may have university-related concerns or conflict. Check the website for more information and email to make an appointment.

Sexualized Violence Support

Sexualized violence is never OK and is not tolerated at Dalhousie. If you or someone you know has experienced campus sexualized violence, including sexual harassment or sexual assault, contact the sexualized violence advisor in HRES for confidential advice and consultation about safety planning, health and wellness support, reporting options, and any academic accommodations you may need. Visit the website for more information about sexualized violence and to learn about Dal's Sexualized Violence Policy.

Support for survivors of adult sexual violence

PEGaSUS is a 10-week program run by experts of sexual violence support and response that offers survivors of all genders a supportive and safe space to connect and work towards self empowerment.

Social Worker
LeMarchant Place (2nd floor)

Our social worker helps you address concerns about things like housing, finances, food, stress, sleep, roommates, and relationships, and helps you navigate resources on and off campus. Book online or call for an appointment.

Student Advocacy Service
Student Union Building (3rd floor)

The Dalhousie Student Advocacy Service (DSAS) helps you navigate university policies and formal/informal procedures. Volunteer student advocates provide free, confidential service on issues including:

  • grade appeals
  • academic probation/dismissal
  • alleged unfairness or irregularities in marking procedures
  • cheating and plagiarism accusations
  • filing harassment, sexual harassment/assault and discrimination complaints
  • reporting and responding to complaints under the Sexualized Violence Policy
  • responding to charges under the Code of Student Conduct
  • alleged unfairness or bias in the application of academic regulations or procedures

Survivor Support Centre
Student Union Building (3rd floor) 

The Dalhousie Student Union’s Survivor Support Centre (SSC) provides advocacy, support, and education around issues of sexual assault, harassment, and consent. The SSC also runs the Sexual Assault and Harassment Phone Line and active listening services to provide support outside office hours. For more information, check the 
website, call or drop by the Centre in the society hub on the 3rd floor of the SUB.

University Policies

You can find all of Dalhousie's academic and non-academic policies on the University Secretariat website.