Questions? Ask Me!

Welcome to campus! You probably have lots of questions and you’re not sure who to ask for help. Where’s the Chemistry Building? How do I get my health insurance card? Where can I get a bite to eat? AskMe! is here to give you the answers.

Ask Me! on campus


Look for our Ask Me mobile team around campus at the beginning of the term. Wearing bright gold T-shirts, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Don’t be shy—Ask Me!

Ask Me! pins


You may notice our friendly faculty and staff members wearing Ask Me pins. They’re happy to help answer your questions and welcome you to campus.

Tweet us


Feel free to tweet @DalStudentLife using #DalAskMe with any quick questions you have. 



Campus tours


New to campus? Book a free campus tour to familiarize yourself with campus and find out about campus resources and buildings from your knowledgable campus tour guide. 

Download the New Student Success Guide
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Make your first year a success with our handbook of resources, tools, and information for new Halifax and Truro students.