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George Burris Study in England Awards

This grant was established by a bequest from George Burris to support Dalhousie students wishing to study in England. Grants will be awarded on the basis of academic and extracurricular excellence, financial need, and international experience.

The grant supports:

  • Study, work, or practicum placements of at least four weeks in duration
  • Course work that a student will receive six credit hours for toward a Dalhousie degree
  • Reduced level of support for placements with service or educational programs sponsored/recognized by the university

Criteria for selection:

  • Strong academic achievement
  • Applicants must be Canadian citizens
  • Extracurricular achievement
  • Financial need
  • Currently registered as a Dalhousie student in good standing


We suggest applications be submitted at least four to six weeks prior to departure, to allow enough time to review the application and process the necessary paperwork.

Note: The grant does not provide retroactive funding. We recommend that you complete the funding application as soon as you are accepted into an international program.

This grant was established by a bequest from Mary Burris, in memory of her father, George Burris, to support Dalhousie students wishing to study in England. The intention was to promote learning and build “acquaintance and friendliness” between young Canadian and British students.

Who is it for?

  • Any student participating in an international experience located in England.
  • Students who can demonstrate academic and extracurricular excellence and/or financial need.
  • Students who are currently registered in a degree program at Dalhousie and are in good academic and financial standing. 
  • Students who will be building an international experience into their degree (i.e. the international experience will appear in some way on your Dalhousie Transcript), are eligible to apply to the George Burris.

Note that funding is not available for individual travel, research, data collection, or volunteering unless you are registered in an associated course at Dalhousie University for term in which your international experience will occur.

How much is awarded?

The maximum award is $5000. This amount is pro-rated depending on the length of time you will be abroad. The guideline applied by the committee is approximately $625/week up to the maximum.

The award amount is also dependent on your budget shortfall, your financial need and/or your level of academic merit.