Global Connections: Pre‑arrival videos


Global Connections, is a YouTube series for new international students.

Current Dalhousie students called Welcome Ambassadors will provide advice and answer new student questions on everything from life in Halifax (weather, making friends, where to eat) to what to expect at Dalhousie (classes, school clubs, etc). A full list of videos is available below.

New students can contact the Welcome Ambassadors via the International Student Chat Group or Wechat. Chat Times are listed in the Welcome Ambassador bios below. 

The Welcome Ambassador Team

Name: Yufei (Steve) Chen
Nationality: China
Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin
Faculty: Computer Science

Chat Times:
Thursday, 9-11am (AST)


My perfect DAL day would be: 

Waking up and receiving a campus closure notification from the Dal Safe App. I would meet up with friends to have breakfast together.  Afterwards we would study in our Residence common room for a few hours. In the afternoon we would go to the Halifax Shopping Centre to shop and eat.  I would end the day with ordering a pizza and enjoying a movie in friend’s residence room.


Name: Melanie Smith
Nationality: Belize
Languages Spoken: English,Spanish, Creole
Faculty: Arts and Social Sciences

Chat Times:
Thursday, 10am-12pm (AST)

Email: Melanie

My perfect DAL day would be: 

My perfect Dal Day would begin with dropping my children off at school. Then I would go to the Killam Atrium for a cup of coffee and to set writing goals for the day. Then I would either proceeded upstairs to the grad pad or my assigned study carell. I usually end my Dal day at 2:30 pm so I can be on time to pick up my children from school.