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Inquiring Minds

Supporting ourselves and each other

Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness has adapted the Road to Mental Readiness from the Department of National Defense and The Working Mind from the Mental Health Commission of Canada to bring you The Inquiring Mind.

This three-hour workshop aims to reduce stigma, build resiliency and change how we think and talk about mental health & wellness. The workshops are FREE to Dalhousie and King's students, and are eligible DalConnects Leadership Program workshops. 

Please note that Inquiring Minds Workshops have ended for the 2017-2018 academic year. Stay tuned for the Inquiring Minds schedule for 2018-2019!  


Extra Credit

Students can only receive extra credit for attending the workshop once. If you used the workshop for extra credit last semester, you cannot use it again this semester.

Please indicate your professor & course code ONLY if they have agreed to provide extra credit for the workshop.

Dal Connects

Inquiring Minds workshops are eligible to be part of the Dal Connects Leadership program, but are not included on the co-curricular record.





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