Group counselling

Building your skills among peers

Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness offers groups as a way for Dalhousie and King's students to build their confidence, self-improve and prepare for the demands of university life and beyond. 

The hardest part about group therapy is often joining the group! 

Eating Disorder Drop-In Group (Tuesdays 5-6:30pm)

When: Every Tuesday from 5-6:30pm starting on January 8

Where: Room 2304, Group Room 1 second floor Lemarchant Building 

The Eating Disorder Drop-In Group is for students who are experiencing difficulties with eating in the form of: 

  • Restriction or anorexia nervosa
  • Binging with or without purging or bulimia 
  • Compulsive eating

The focus of this group is to provide a safe setting, support self-defined change and to resolve underlying feelings. 

Topics will be based on interests, needs and wishes of the participants on a weekly basis. 

This group will be facilitated by Marriam Abou-el-Haj, Psychologist with Student Health & Wellness.

Enhancing Psychological Resilience: Skills Training Group

This four session counselling group will focus on four main coping skills found to enhance psychological well-being:

  • Mindfulness
  • Interpersonal effectiveness skills
  • Emotion regulation skills
  • Distress tolerance skills

These research-proven skills have helped people improve mental health through symptom reduction and increasing positive life functioning.

This group is a closed group – meaning students must sign up for the entire four-week program. Registration is required.

Enhancing Psychological Resilience will be offered twice this semester.

Group 1 Starting January 22: Every Tuesday from 1:30–3pm for four weeks

Group 2  Starting March 7: Every Thursday from 3:30–5pm for four weeks

It will be co-facilitated by Joanne Mills, Psychologist with Student Health & Wellness at Dalhousie and Alissa Pencer, Psychologist, faculty member in the Clinical Psychology program at Dalhousie.

To register, call 902-494-2171 or email



Overcoming Anxiety: Skills Training Group

Group therapy for anxiety is an intervention that helps people face their fears to manage anxiety and increase positive life functioning.

This seven-session group will teach positive coping skills for overcoming anxiety. We will cover the following topics:

  • Information about anxiety
  • The connection between thoughts, behaviour, and feelings
  • Challenging unrealistic thoughts that often fuel anxiety
  • Facing and overcoming fears

This is a closed group, so you must sign up for the entire seven-week program. Registration is required.

Overcoming Anxiety will be offered twice this semester.

Group 1 Starting January 23: Every Wednesday from 3–4:30pm for seven weeks

Group 2  Starting February 26: Every Tuesday from 1:30-3pm for seven weeks

To register, call 902-494-2171 or email

Changeways for Depression Group

Changeways for Depression is an educational group therapy designed to introduce participants to basic psychological self-care concepts.

This six week group will provide participants with a variety of problem solving and lifestyle management skills, including: 

  • Knowing and recognizing the signs, symptoms, and causes of depression
  • Identifying problems and transforming them into goals for change
  • Breaking goals down into manageable steps
  • The effects of diet, exercise, sleep habits, caffeine, and drugs and alcohol
  • Identifying negative and self-defeating thought patterns
  • Preventing mood problems from becoming unmanageable
  • and more!

This is a closed group, so you must sign up for the entire six-week program. Registration is required. 

This group will meet every Thursday from 6–7:30pm for six weeks starting January 31. 

To register, call 902-494-2171 or email





  • Society events
  • Workshops
  • Varsity games