Group counselling

Building your skills among peers

Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness offers groups as a way for Dalhousie and King's students to build their confidence, self-improve and prepare for the demands of university life and beyond. 

The hardest part about group therapy is often joining the group! 

Exam Anxiety Workshop

Strategies to help you stay calm during exam time

  • Does your mind go blank as you enter the exam room? 
  • Does your heart rate increase right before an exam?
  • Does your mind race with worried thoughts? 

If you said yes to any (or all!) of the above, you may want to attend one of these 90-minute workshops to learn some proven strategies to help you manage exam anxiety.


  • October 17th, 4:00 - 5:30pm
  • November 20th, 4:00 - 5:30pm

Location: 1246 LeMarchant St., Room 2304, 2nd floor (Group Rm 1)

To Register: email your name and Dal ID to

Eating Disorder Drop-In Group (Tuesdays 5-6:30pm, starts Sept. 10, 2019)

When: Every Tuesday from 5-6:30pm. 
*Please note: The October 22 Group has been cancelled. The Group will resume on October 27.

Where: Room 2304, Group Room 1 second floor Lemarchant Building 

The Eating Disorder Drop-In Group is for students who are experiencing difficulties with eating in the form of: 

  • Restriction or anorexia nervosa
  • Binging with or without purging or bulimia 
  • Compulsive eating

The focus of this group is to provide a safe setting, support self-defined change and to resolve underlying feelings. 

Topics will be based on interests, needs and wishes of the participants on a weekly basis. 

This group will be facilitated by Marriam Abou-el-Haj, Psychologist with Student Health & Wellness.

Mindfulness Drop-In Group (Thursdays, starts Sept. 26, 2019)

Drop in and learn easy to practice skills for how to be in the present moment, on purpose, non-judgementally.

Caution - side effects may include:

  • reduced stress/anxiety
  • improved mood
  • increased focus
  • improved memory 

When: Every Thursday 2:30-3:30pm starting September 26, 2019 (no group on Oct 10).

Where: Group Room 1: 2304 LeMarchant Building

Changeways for Depression Group (January 2020 group)

Changeways for Depression is an educational group program designed to introduce participants to basic psychological self-care concepts. The group provides participants with instruction in a variety of problem solving and lifestyle management skills. The emphasis is on providing specific, research-based strategies for dealing with life problems.

This eight-week group will provide participants with a variety of problem solving and lifestyle management skills, including: 

  • Knowing and recognizing the signs, symptoms and causes of depression
  • Identifying problems and transforming them into goals for change
  • Breaking goals down into manageable steps
  • The effects of diet, exercise, sleep habits, caffeine, and drugs and alcohol
  • Identifying negative and self-defeating thought patterns
  • Preventing mood problems from becoming unmanageable
  • and more!

This is a closed group, so you must sign up for the eight-week program. Pre-screening and registration is required. Contact the Student Health & Wellness Centre ( or (902) 494-2666) to register.

Starts: Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Time: 6-7:30pm (pre-screening & eight consecutive sessions)

Enhancing Psychological Resilience: Skills Training Group (Oct 2019 group: FULL)

This four-session counselling group will focus on four main coping skills found to enhance psychological well-being:

  • Mindfulness
  • Interpersonal effectiveness skills
  • Emotion regulation skills
  • Distress tolerance skills

These research-proven skills have helped people improve mental health through symptom reduction and increasing positive life functioning.

This group is a closed group – meaning students must sign up for the entire four-week program. Registration is required.

To register, please call 902-494-2171, email or stop by the Student Health & Wellness Centre on the 2nd floor of Lemarchant Place and register in person with reception.

It will be facilitated by Joanne Mills, Psychologist with Student Health & Wellness at Dalhousie.

Enhancing Psychological Resilience will begin on October 16, 2019. 


This group is currently full; please check the website for additional groups offered in the spring.


Overcoming Anxiety: Skills Training Group (available Winter 2020)

Group therapy for anxiety is an intervention that helps people face their fears to manage anxiety and increase positive life functioning.

This seven-session group will teach positive coping skills for overcoming anxiety. We will cover the following topics:

  • Information about anxiety
  • The connection between thoughts, behaviour, and feelings
  • Challenging unrealistic thoughts that often fuel anxiety
  • Facing and overcoming fears

This is a closed group, so you must sign up for the entire seven-week program. Registration is required.

The Overcoming Anxiety group will be available in the Winter Term (2020). Please stay tuned for more information!





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