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Our staff


Dalhousie's on-campus Student Health & Wellness Centre has an interprofessional team with: registered nurses, an advanced practice nurse, doctors, social workers, a psychiatrist, counsellors, registered psychologists, and health promotion experts. 

In addition to our full-time staff listed below, we have part-time counsellors, sessional physicians and administrative staff. 

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Our Professional Counsellors

Neera Datta, M.Sc. 
Susan Lavoie, Ph.D. 
David Mensink, Ph.D. 
Joanne Mills, M.A. (Director)
Heather Patterson, Psy.D. 

Our Physicians

Dr. Glenn Andrea (Director)
Dr. David Botten
Dr. Cathy Connell
Dr. Susan Gowan
Dr. Sherry Jain
Dr. Don MacQuarrie
Dr. Amy Mallory
Dr. Karen Prokai
Dr. Katherine Robinson

Psychiatrist (part-time)

Dr. Kuli Poder

Manager, Nursing & Student Wellness Outreach

Christina Elgee | christina.elgee@dal.ca 

Social Worker & Case Manager

Hazel Ling | hazel.ling@dal.ca 

Leadership Team

Assistant Vice-Provost, Student Affairs

Verity Turpin | verity.turpin@dal.ca

Director of Operations

Emily Huner | emily.huner@dal.ca 

Director of Counselling & Psychological Services

Joanne Mills | joanne.mills@dal.ca 

Medical Director

Dr. Glenn Adrea | gandrea@dal.ca