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The Student Health & Wellness Centre is open!

Appointments with counsellors, doctors, nurses and the social worker are available. Walk-in appointments are not currently available.


Please note: Some of the Centre's in-person services have been temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please review the list of suspended services before booking your appoinment. 

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Using our Online Booking Tools

For your convenience, Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness offers patients online tools and technology, such as online booking, secure Health Mail messaging and e-forms.

For online appointment booking and using secure Health Mail you must first create a Medeo account.

When you create a Medeo account you can make your booking requests and access your messages via the Medeo website, or through the Medeo App if you have downloaded it to your mobile device. You can log in to your Medeo account using the patient web link, or simply download the app for ios or Android and you’ll have access at your fingertips. 

Booking an appointment online

When booking an appointment online you must first login to Medeo. If you don't have a Medeo account but are a registered patient, you will need to create an account.

Once you submit your appointment, an appointment request will be sent to your provider's clinic for review and you will receive an email with the subject "Appointment request with <Provider name> at Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness is being reviewed".

This email contains details about the requested appointment such as the clinic and provider name, requested time and date, and clinic location. 

You will receive an email with the subject "Appointment request with <Provider Name> at Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness accepted" once your appointment has been reviewed and accepted by the clinic.

Your appointment can be viewed in Medeo by clicking on 'appointment requests' in the email or by signing in to your Medeo account here.

If your appointment request is declined you will receive an email with the subject "Appointment request with <Provider Name> at <Date/time> with Dalhousie Student Health& Wellness has been rejected".

Your appointment request may be rejected if:

  • You are not a currently registered patient (you’ll have to set up a patient account first by calling the Centre at 902-494-2171), 
  • There is contact/demographic information to be confirmed and we have unsuccessfully attempted to contact you three times
  • You have overdue fees to be paid at the Centre, or 
  • The reason you are booking the appointment doesn’t align with the time frame or provider you have chosen. 

If you have questions about the rejection, please give us a call at 902-494-2171.

Online booking for on-going counselling

If you will be seeing a counsellor for ongoing therapy you will be invited to book your first appointment online using the Medeo system. You can expect to receive an email with the subject "Book withDalhousie Student Health & Wellness online.” 

In that email is a link to ‘Make an appointment’ which provides you with access to book an available appointment in your counsellor’s schedule. Choose from available appointments and follow the steps to make your booking. Your appointment ‘request’ will be confirmed and you will receive confirmation through your Medeo Health Mail account.

Secure Health Mail

Medeo is also the platform where you will receive any messages from your physician, nurse or counsellor (Health Mail). Health Mail is a secure messaging system that allows you provider or their administrator to send you appointment invitations, medical forms, electronic copies of your prescriptions or referrals, and medical records. 

If you have been sent a message through Health Mail, you will be notified via the email that is attached to your Student Health & Wellness Centre account. The email will be sent from Medeo Health ( or and will simply state that you have a new messages. You must log in to your Medeo account in order to retrieve your Health Mail message(s) and any relevant attachments. You can log in to your Medeo account using the patient web link, or simply download the app for ios or Android and you’ll have access at your fingertips. 


The Dalhousie Student Health & Wellness Centre has recently started using electronic forms in order to gather required information from patients such as consent forms and COVID-19 screening information. 

Starting in September 2020, student and community patients will be sent a link to a Student Health & Wellness Patient Consent Form upon booking your next appointment at the Centre. The link to the electronic form will be sent to the email address that we have on file at the Centre. You can simply complete the required information in the form and click submit. The form will be submitted and attached to your file in advance of your appointment. 

Electronic forms will also be used to complete COVID-19 screening checks in advance of in-person appointments, for consent forms for IUD insertions, use of the CCAPs assessment tool for counselling, etc. 

If you have trouble accessing the form that has been sent to you, please contact our Centre by phone at (902) 494-2171.