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Whether you’re near or far, the Student Health & Wellness Centre is here for you.


Students and registered community patients are able to book appointments with members of the Student Health & Wellness Centre healthcare team online, including same-day counsellors, doctors, nurses and our social worker.

Unless an in-person appointment is required, all appointments will be conducted over the telephone. These appointments can be booked online or by phoning 902-494-2171. Once you book your appointment, a representative from the Student Health & Wellness Centre may reach out to confirm your contact and insurance information.

If you require an in-person appointment (available only with physicians and nurses), or if you are unsure whether your appointment can be conducted over the telephone, please call the Student Health & Wellness Centre at 902-494-2171. Please note that some of our in-person services have been temporarily suspended. 

Patients are required to wear a mask while in the Centre. Please bring your own.

The Centre is not accepting walk-in appointments. Patients who enter the Centre must have a confirmed appointment time. 

If you have questions about services and supports currently available, check out our frequently asked questions!

And don’t forget about all the health and wellness online and mobile resources available to you! 

NOTE: For booked in-person appointments, please arrive 15 minutes early to allow sufficient time to register and to ensure you get the full appointment time with your healthcare professional.

Types of appointments

Physician/doctor appointments

The Student Health & Wellness Centre offers same-day appointments and appointments booked at later dates. Wait times vary. Book your appointment online or give us a call (902-494-2171)

Please indicate in your appointment request if you feel an in-person appointment is needed. Appointments will be held virtually unless the doctor determines an in-person appointment is needed.

If your appointment is to take place in-person, when you arrive at the Student Health & Wellness Centre, please knock and confirm your COVID screening information prior to entering the waiting area for your appointment.

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> List of medical services 


Same-day counselling appointments

Counselling is the skilled and principled use of relationships to increase knowledge, emotional acceptance and growth, and the optimal development of personal resources.

The overall aim of counselling is to build and strengthen skills and work towards living in a more satisfying and resourceful way. Skills development could pertain to coping and resilience in handling life circumstances, enhanced capacity to respond to demands and reduce symptoms of distress. 

Students who are looking for counselling can access same-day counselling sessions at the Centre from Monday to Saturday. The first session also acts as an intake session. The purpose of this 30-50 minute session is to: 

  • Screen & assess your situation
  • Discuss your options 
  • Suggest strategies for coping with immediate issues
  • Create a wellness plan

Book your appointment online or over the phone at (902) 494-2171. 

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Nursing appointments

The Student Health & Wellness Centre offers same-day appointments with a nurse. Book your appointment online or by phone at (902) 494-2171.

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Social Worker appointments

Dal’s social worker, Hazel, can assist students with the non-academic responsibilities of life (such as housing, finances and food), and help you navigate resources on and off campus. She can also help you with managing stress and anxiety related to work, relationships, school and sleep.  

Our social worker at Student Health & Wellness offers appointments booked at later dates. Book your appointment online or give us a call (902-494-2171)

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I need immediate medical attention (emergency)

Before going to the hospital, assess if your situation is non-urgent, urgent, or an emergency using the examples below. For non-urgent and urgent issues, contact the Student Health & Wellness Centre. For emergency issues, go to the hospital or call 911 (an ambulance will be dispatched to your home). 

Unsure? Call 811 - a Nova Scotia telecare service, available 24/7, that allows community members, including students, to talk to a registered nurse about their symptoms. 


Examples of non-urgent issues

  • Routine medical exams
  • Birth control counselling
  • STI and pregnancy testing
  • Vaccination
  • Prescription renewals
  • Specialist referrals

Examples of urgent issues

  • Infections that need immediate care
    (e.g. urinary tract infection)
  • Too sick to make a future appointment
  • Need the Morning-After Pill
  • Recent injuries (e.g. cut, sprain, fall) 
  • Immediate mental health issues

Examples of emergency issues

  • Severe and/or life threatening injuries (such as uncontrolled bleeding)
  • Severe asthma attack or severe trouble breathing
  • Severe burns or burns over large body area
  • Severe stomach pain lasting more than a few hours (especially in the right lower stomach or accompanied by fever)
  • Diabetic emergencies


  • Signs of stroke (slurred speech, weakness in one side of the body, drooping on one side of face, etc.)
  • Signs of heart attack (chest pain – may radiate to arm or chin, nausea, shortness of breath, etc.)
  • Ingested something poisonous or took an overdose of pills or drugs
Did you know?

A trip to the hospital in an ambulance is expensive: Nova Scotian residents pay $147, non-Nova Scotians pay $733 and non-Canadians pay $1099! It's important only to use it in emergency situations. 

However, if you do need to use an ambulance, your DSU Health & Dental Plan will cover 80% of the fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I see a nurse?

Wondering if you can see a nurse to address your health concern? Here are some of the common services provided by nurses at the Student Health & Wellness Centre:

  • Emergency first aid 
  • Emergency contraceptive 
  • Pregnancy testing
  • UTI testing
  • STI testing 
  • Assessments for broken bones, sprains, wounds, cold symptoms and sore throat
  • Administering flu shots, as well as testosterone, B12, Depo Provera and allergy injections

Please book an appointment with a physician if you are unsure if you should be seen by a nurse.

When can I see a social worker?

Wondering if you can see a social worker to address your health concern? Here are some of the challenges a social worker at the Student Health & Wellness Centre can help you with:

  • Practical Problem Solving – housing, finances, food, school, life
  • Dealing with stress – school, work, life, sleep,  relationships, roommates and family
  • Resource Navigation on campus and off campus

Book an appointment online today!

Can I go to the clinic if I need bandages/gauze for a minor injury?

Yes! Call to make an appointment to see a nurse who will assess and provide supplies for your injury. 

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How do I get a sick note?

In January 2018, the Student Declaration of Absence Form (SDA Form) was introduced in select courses to replace sick notes for absences of three days or fewer that result in missed or late academic requirements.

You must check with your instructor(s) or refer to your faculty, college, school, instructor-specific, or course-specific syllabi and guidelines, and work-integrated learning handbook policies to see if the self-declaration of absence option is available to you.

If you need a sick note for work or a course that does not accept the SDA Form, you can stop by the Student Health & Wellness Centre for a walk-in appointment or call 902-494-2171 and ask for a same-day or later appointment. 

Note: There is no charge to Dalhousie or King's students for sick notes. All others will be charged a $20 fee.

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How do I get a prescription refill?

It is recommended that you make an appointment 1-2 weeks prior to your medication running out so that you can be appropriately assessed and a new prescription can be given. Stop by the Centre if: 

  • You need to be prescribed a new medication
  • You already have a prescription and need to get it refilled
  • You have a prescription for another doctor and need to get it refilled 

If you need a refill immediately and cannot make an appointment, the Centre may be able to re-prescribe your prescription for a 30 day supply* (there is a $30 fee as this is a non-insured service). 

* depending on the type of medication

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How do I get a referral to a specialist? (e.g. psychiatrist)

To get a specialist referral, call the Centre (902-494-2171) to book a same-day appointment (if available) or an appointment at a later date with a physician. 

A physician's referral is required to see the psychiatrist.

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Can I get my blood drawn at the clinic?

Unfortunately, the Student Health & Wellness Centre cannot draw blood. Visit the Capital Health (Nova Scotia Health Authority) website for more information on: 

  • Blood collection quality & patient safety
  • Blood collection outpatient locations & hours
  • Tips for patients visiting blood collection

What type of appointment do I need if I am an international student?

As an international student living in Canada, you make the same type of appointment that a Canadian student would make. Be sure to check out our tips for your appointment below before your appointment. If you are living abroad, you can access the Remote Study Health Support Program or our online supports and resources.

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> Learn more about your DSU Health Plans

How do I receive an immunization?

Our nurses and physicians can provide any or all of the immunizations and boosters recommended in Nova Scotia. Not sure? Book an appointment online or call us at 902-494-2171. 

> Location & hours
> Health Canada - Immunization & vaccine information 


Tips for your appointment

  • For in-person appointments, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to ensure you receive your full appointment time with your healthcare provider
  • Opt in to receive text message reminders
  • Request interpreter services beforehand (for non-English appointments)
  • Bring an identification card (Licence, Passport, DalCard)
  • Bring your health card! (DSU, MSI, other)
  • Know your medical history 
  • Let us know your preferred name & pronouns
  • Let us know if you can't make it (know our cancellation policy