Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions from Dal students!    

During these unprecidented times, you may have questions or concerns about what health and wellness supports are available to you, as a Dalhousie student. The Student Health & Wellness Centre is still here for you. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions below, phone 902-494-2171 to speak with a healthcare professional at the Student Health & Wellness Centre.        

Services and support during Covid-19

What type of appointments are currently being offered?

We are currently offering telephone appointments with doctors, counsellors, psychiatrists and our social worker. Counselling appointments are also offered through Zoom. If you require an in-person visit to the Health Centre, you will be notified by your physician after having an initial phone consultation.  

Can I still come to the Centre in person?

To ensure patient and staff safety, we are no longer accepting walk-in appointments. You can come to the Health Centre if you have a pre-booked in-person appointment with a doctor or a nurse. All in-person visits will receive a screening telephone call to ensure you are feeling well. We are strongly encouraging all patients with in-person appointments to wear a mask or face covering to the clinic. If you are coming to pick up a form/prescription/specimen kit that was left at the front desk for you, please call prior to arrival.  

What are your current hours of operation?

Our hours of service are Monday-Friday 8am-7pm and Saturdays 11am-5:30pm. The door to the Centre is locked, so when you arrive for an in-person appointment, please knock and our staff will let you in. Please respect social distancing guidelines. 

Are the nurses still offering walk in appointments?

The nurses are currently not accepting walk-in appointments, however select services are available. If you are looking to book an in-person appointment or discuss a health concern with the nurse, please call 902-494-2171. You can find a list of nursing services being provided at this time on the Dal website.

Do I have to wear a mask for an in-person appointment?

To optimize patient and staff safety, we strongly encourage all patients to wear a face mask or face covering to their in-person appointment. Due to supply concerns, we ask that patients supply their own mask or face covering. 

I’m a Dal/King’s student but I am currently living out of the province. What can I access?

Depending on where you are currently living there are variations in what you can access from Student Health & Wellness, based on licensing requirements for our doctors, counsellors and social worker and based on what your needs are.   
If you are in Canada and seeking a doctor’s appointment we encourage you to book a phone appointment, and the doctor will assist you to the degree that they can over the telephone and/or advise you that you should seek help locally, if appropriate. While there are also location considerations for counselling and social work appointments, we encourage you to book an appointment online and our team will advise you of any limitations in the service they can provide you based on your current location and any licensing restrictions.  


If you are living outside of Canada right now, we are unfortunately unable to offer you an appointment with our healthcare team. We have support options such as Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) and our Q-Life Resilience Training program that we encourage you to use. International students who are living in North America can also access the IM Well App which can connect students with resources, a live chat feature and support you need for a variety of health and well-being concerns.  

Why aren’t you offering walk-in service?

To allow for adequate time to clean spaces and equipment between in-person appointments and to adhere to social distancing guidelines all appointments must be pre-booked.  

When will you be open for regular in-person appointments?

All patients requiring an in-person appointment will be notified post discussing their health concern with a physician or nurse.  

Can I get a PAP test?

If you are looking for a PAP test right now, we will connect you with the nurse to arrange booking, if needed. Please call 902-494-2171 to speak with a Registered Nurse. 

Can I get an STI check?

If you are experiencing symptoms of an STI, we will first book you in with your doctor for a phone consultation. If the doctor requires you to come in for a follow-up appointment, you will be notified and booked in.  

Can I get a TB test?

Our nurses are currently conducting TB testing for students in health professional programs requiring this testing. If you would like to book an appointment for TB testing, please call 902-494-2171. 

Can the doctor just call in my prescription?

Please book a telephone appointment with your physician for a prescription refill or to discuss your prescription. If you require an urgent refill, you can book a telephone appointment with the on-call physician. If you don’t wish to have a phone appointment, there is a $30.00 charge for a refill without consultation and there are some prescriptions which will require a doctor’s appointment before they are refilled.   

Can I still get an IUD?

Yes, please book an appointment for a consultation online or by calling 902-494-2171. 

Can I get a vasectomy?

Yes, please book an appointment by calling 902-494-2171. 


Counselling and mental health 

I am feeling stressed about not being able to return to campus/everything moving online in the Fall. How can I get help?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many things including the experience of being a university student. It is not surprising that you are feeling stressed and uncertain about being a student during these times. The University is committed to doing all that we can to support you and to make your student experience the best it can be. There are many options for help. You can access Dalhousie Student Health and Wellness services. You can use the many online resources and supports that are available. You can also talk to your professors or other students about your experience to seek support. 

I live in Halifax. Can I see a Counsellor in person?

At the present time, all counselling and psychological services are conducted virtually. Public Health officials will inform the University about when it is safe to resume in-person counselling appointment.

Do I need to transfer my medical records?

No, you do not need to have your medical records transfered to the Student Health & Wellness Centre. 

How long does it take to get a counselling appointment?

Students can access a same-day counselling appointment six days per week. We want to be available as soon as you might need an appointment so you can book an appointment today. It is always best to contact us early in the day when the appointments for that day are still all available. If all same-day appointments are booked for any given day, we will try to offer you an appointment with another member of our healthcare team. 

How does Dalhousie help a student who may have a mental health problem?

Staff of Dalhousie Student Health and Wellness are trained to recognize and provide treatment for students who experience mental health symptoms and disorders. Upon meeting with you, our team will ask questions about your experiences, symptoms and impacts on your functioning. Based on that, recommendations will be made about helpful resources, ongoing counselling options or medication-based treatment. There are many other supports for student mental health problems on campus that might involve peer support, electronic mental health and resiliency tools, activities of student societies, etc. 

What can I expect during my first counselling appointment at Dalhousie University? 

Students accessing counselling do so by making a Same-day Counselling appointment. These are available every day that Student Health and Wellness is open and can be made online or by telephone. In this session, the counsellor will ask questions about what is concerning you, how you are feeling, and what you would like to experience differently. Various strategies and options for support and follow up will be identified. You will be given a Wellness Plan that includes the suggestions and resources discussed in the session. 

Are there other mental health services in NS that I might be eligible to access?

There are many other mental health services that exist in the local community, either at the Nova Scotia Health Authority or in the private practice sector. Dalhousie Student Health and Wellness staff will identify if these services are relevant for you to access and may make a referral to them. Your provincial health insurance or your student health plan will usually cover the costs of these services.

I'm not taking classes this semester. Can I still see a Counsellor?

Due to high demands on services, Student Health & Wellness services are available to currently registered Dalhousie and Kings students only.

Will the counsellor judge me for drinking/doing drugs/my sexual behaviour or anything else?

Healthcare providers strive to be nonjudgmental. Our role is not to judge, but to understand what students are experiencing and to provide evidence-based information, recommendations and treatment. Our response could involve information and recommendations about safe alcohol and drug use and safe sexual practices.

Will the counsellor try to force me to stay at school if I don’t want to?

The decision to stay in school is a critically important one and it is your decision. Our counsellors can assist with helping you to think through your situation which may help to inform your decision.

I am having a hard time with my classes and think I might have a learning disability. What should I do?

Many students have challenges with learning and with paying attention. If this is your concern, you can make an appointment at Dalhousie Student Health and Wellness. Our counsellors and doctors can meet with you to help to better understand what you might be experiencing. We can also provide assistance with learning challenges and referrals to specialists for formal diagnosis if that is relevant. 


First time visiting?

Do I need to have my medical records transferred?

No, you do not need to have your medical records transfered to the Student Health & Wellness Centre. 

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

You will need to bring an identification card (licence, Passport, DalCard and your health card (DSU, MSI, other) to your appointment.


Student Health Promotion 

Is the Dal After Dark program still hosting events or accepting grant applications for student events?

Dal After Dark is working to shift the fun and engaging in-person activities we have hosted in the past to offer students monthly online alternative programming starting in September. Additionally, we are accepting student grant funding applications for hosting virtual events on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evenings until students can return to in-person event hosting opportunities.

Is Student Health Promotion still accepting applications for students who want to be involved in the Dal After Dark Grant Committee, Keep it Social Ambassador, Mental Health or Sexual Health Promotion?

Absolutely! If you are a student interested in volunteering to be involved in the Dal After Dark Grant Committee and/or if you want to assist the Dal After Dark team and your fellow students in hosting their online event, email you a student interested in being a Keep it Social Ambassador, Mental Health or Sexual Health Promotion and supporting your peers with harm reduction email

Can I still get trained in using Naloxone & Opioid Overdose response via Student Health & Wellness?

If you are in Nova Scotia, in addition your local pharmacy, the nursing office is still able to provide training and supply you a naloxone kit if you make an appointment with a nurse. Student Health Promotion will be offering bi-monthly virtual naloxone & opioid overdose awareness trainings starting in September. All students can attend the training but to receive a kit, you will need to pick up your naloxone kit at your local pharmacy if you are in Canada.


Financial support and food security

I am a student who is struggling financially. What support am I eligible for?

There are a lot of great resources available for students who are looking for financial support. Go to you will find plenty of information based on your particular circumstances. The DSU also has a great Financial Resource documentthat they maintain regularly.  

Am I eligible to use the campus food bank?

Find out more about the Campus Food Bank and how to access it here: