Eligibility for graduating students

Graduating from Dalhousie? Here's what you can expect from Student Health & Wellness going forward.

If you are a graduating student that has been using the Student Health & Wellness Centre, you may have some questions about what happens when you graduate. Please review the commonly asked questions and our answers below. If you have any additional questions, contact the Student Health & Wellness Centre at 902-494-2171

Can I still use the Student Health & Wellness Centre if I am graduating this spring?

You are able to continue using the services at the Student Health & Wellness Centre until August 31 of your graduating year. This includes both medical and counselling services.
If you have been seeing a physician, the physician and the Student Health & Wellness Centre team can assist you in transferring your file to an outside family physician. If you have been seeing a physician and wish to continue seeing your physician at the Student Health & Wellness Centre after August 31, please make an appointment with your physician to discuss your options.

Patients with special circumstances (e.g., patients being followed for active illness or with chronic illness) may be considered for additional access to medical services on a case-by-case basis. If you think this is the case for you, please make an appointment prior to August 31, 2021 to discuss this with your physician.

I am graduating, but I am registered to return as a graduate student this fall. Can I still use services at the Student Health & Wellness Centre?

Yes. Graduate students have access to the Student Health & Wellness Centre. 

How do I find an off-campus family physician in Nova Scotia after I graduate?

To find a list of family physicians taking on new patients in Nova Scotia, visit the Nova Scotia Health Authority website. Alternatively, you may make an appointment with the physician you have been seeing regularly at the Student Health & Wellness Centre to discuss your options.

How can I access mental health services in Nova Scotia after I graduate?

Mental health and addictions support in our community is available through the Nova Scotia Health Authority and/or through private-practice psychologists often covered through insurance plans.