Medical service fees


Fees are to be paid at the time of service. We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit, cash and DalCard. No personal cheques. The following services are not covered by provincial health care or student health plans and must be paid for by the patient:

Missed appointments (or cancelled within 24 hours) See our cancellation policy
Certificate for work absence $20
Dressing change $10
Pregnancy test $10
Skin scraping for fungi $15
Ear wax removal $35
Transfer of medical records (single) $30
Transfer of medical records (family) $60
Injection fee $20
Uninsured office visit (resident) $40
Uninsured office visit (non-resident) $70
Uninsured office visit (specialist) $175+
Plan B / Morning-After Pill $30
Rapid Strep test
Sick Note (see below) $20*
Travel Counselling $100+
Physical $120

Sick notes

If you think you need a sick note, first check to see if your instructor is using the Student Declaration of Absence Form in your course. If you still need a sick note, you can call 902-494-2171 or stop by the Student Health & Wellness Centre to make an appointment. 

Note: There is no charge to Dalhousie or King's students for sick notes. All others will be charged a $20 fee.