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Places of Worship

Practicing your faith during your studies

This list of churches, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship are on or near the Dalhousie campuses. In some cases, other places of worship are listed where they are the only place of worship in Halifax for a particular faith group. For a more complete listing, consult the listing under Churches in the Yellow Pages. A portion of this listing is available in printed format through Multifaith Services. This list is for student information only and does not imply endorsement.



Phone: 425.8188  
Email: info@halifaxbahai.org
Website: www.halifaxbahai.org
Dalhousie Association of Bahá'í Studies
Email: bahai@dal.ca

Brahma Kumaris

Location: 1 Cedarbrae Lane
Phone: 422.3700
Email: halifax@ca.bkwsu.org
Website: www.bkwsu.com

Buddhist (Shambhala)

Location: 1084 Tower Road
Lineage: Tibetan Buddhism, Kagyu
Phone: 420.1118
Email: halifax@shambhala.org
Website: www.halifax.shambhala.org

Buddhist (Theravada)

Languages: English, Pali, and Sinhala
Location: 817 Herring Cove Road, Spryfield
Phone: 443.5493
Lineage: Theravada, Sri Lankan
Website: www.atlanticbuddhist.com
Email: psinghe@gmail.com

Buddhist (Zen)

Atlantic Soto Zen Community

Location: Dalhousie Multifaith Centre (1342 Edward St.)
Lineage: Soto Zen - Matsuoka Lineage
Email: Rev.James.Smith@dal.ca
Website: http://silentthunderorder.org/atlanticszc/atlantic-soto-zen-center

Ji Jing Chinese Buddhist Temple

Sunday at 9 a.m. and Tuesday at 7 p.m.
Language: Chinese
Location: 2145 Windsor Street
Lineage: Zen and Chan
Phone: 422.0042

Eastern Land Buddhist Association

Sunday at 11 a.m. (spring, summer, fall) with chanting, lunch, teaching, and meditation.
Language: English
Location: Eastern Sea Zen Temple (9703 Peggy's Cove Road)
Phone: 823.2307
*Phone the Master to confirm when the temple is open.

Christian (Anglican)

All Saints Cathedral (Anglican)

Location: University Ave. at Tower Rd.
Phone: 423.6002
Email: cathedralchurch@eastlink.ca
Website: www.cathedralchurchofallsaints.com

King's College Chapel

Location: Inside Coburg Rd. gate
Phone: 422.1271
Email: gary.thorne@ukings.ns.ca
Website: www.kingschapel.ca

St. George's Round Church

Location: 2222 Bunswick Street
Phone: 423.1059
Email: office@roundchurch.ca
Website: www.roundchurch.ca

St. Paul's Anglican Church

Location: 1749 Argyle Street
Phone: 429.2240
Email: office@stpaulshalifax.org
Website: www.stpaulshalifax.org

Christian (Baptist)

Bayers Road Baptist Church

Location: 7077 Bayers Road
Phone: 453.4504
Email: brbcoffice@eastlink.ca
Website: www.bayersroadbaptist.ca

Cornwallis Street United Baptist Church

Location: 5457 Cornwallis St.
Phone: 429.5573
Email: csbc@ns.aliantzinc.ca
Website: www.cornwallisstreetbaptist.ca

First Baptist Church

Location: 1300 Oxford Street (across from Shirreff Hall)
Phone: 422.5203
Email: office@fbchalifax.ca
Website: fbchalifax.ca

Koinonia Baptist Church

Location: Halifax Feast Dinner Theatre (1505 Barrington Street; in the Maritime Mall)
Phone: 876.8771
Email: RevElaineWalcott@bellalliant.net

Stoneridge Fellowship

Location: 85 Temple Terrace (Lower Sackville)
Phone: 865.3814
Email: info@stoneridgefellowship.com
Website: www.stoneridgefellowship.com

West End Baptist Church

Location: 1986 Preston Street
Phone: 422.6488
Email: office@westendbaptist.ca
Website: www.westendbaptist.ca

Christian (Christian Science)

First Church of Christ, Scientist

Location: Corner of South Park and Inglish Street
Phone: 443.2463
Email: susan.clarke@dal.ca

Christian (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Location: 205 Lacewood Drive
Phone: 902.240.4583
Email: levicatton@gmail.com

Halifax Young Single Adults Branch

President David Excell
Phone: 902.410.3262
Email: moquitch@gmail.com

LDS Student Association
Director: Richard Cartier
Email: cartierrs@ldschurch.org
Phone: 902.412.0272
Website: studentview.ldschurch.org/home.aspx/60359

Christian (Congregational)

First Congregational Church of Halifax

Location: 1871 Seldon Street
Phone: 423.5068
Email: info@firstcong.ca
Website: www.firstcong.ca

Christian (Full Gospel)

All Nations Full Gospel Church

Location: Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, 2096 Windsor Street
Phone: 412.9399
Email: dgahunde@anfgc.org
Website: www.anfgc.org

Encouraging Lives Ministries

Location: KTS Lecture Hall, New Administrative Building, KTS L (2nd floor; King's College)
Phone: 479.1335
Email: anointedservant@live.ca

Christian (Jehovah's Witnesses)

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

Location: 6192 Charles Street
Phone: 422.9449

Christian (Lutheran)

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection (ELCIC)
Location: 2096 Windsor Street
Phone: 422.9224
Email: lutheranchurch@eastlink.ca
Website: users.eastlink.ca/~lutheranchurch/Index.html

St. Andrew's Lutheran Church (LC-C)

Location: 2756 Swaine Street (Halifax)
Phone: 448.5662
Email: st.andrewsLutheran.NS@gmail.com
Website: www.st-andrews-lutheran.ca

Christian (Mennonite)

Gateway Community Church

Location: 10 Beaverbank Road, Lower Sackville
Phone: 865.1731
Email: gateway.church@ns.sympatico.ca
Website: www.gatewayhalifax.com

Christian (New Apostolic Church)

New Apostolic Church

Location: 151 Joffre Street, Dartmouth
Phone: 902.412.2414
Email: glen@mclearn.net
Website: http://www.naccanada.org/imis_prod/nac

Christian (Orthodox)

St. Antonios Orthodox Church (Antiochian)

Location: 2480 Windsor Street
Phone: 422.5056
Email: info@saintantonios.ca
Website: www.saintantonios.ca

St. George Greek Orthodox Church

Location: 38 Purcell's Cove Road
Phone: 479.1271
Email: eem@cs.dal.ca
Website: www.halifaxgreeks.ca

St. Mena Coptic Orthodox Church

Location: 167 Willett Street
Phone: 830.6019
Email: frdaniel_rizg@hotmail.com
Website: www.stmena-halifax.org

St. Vladimir Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox)

Location: 629 Purcell's Cove Road
Phone: 982.3759
Email: contact@halifax orthodox.org
Website: http://www.halifaxorthodox.org/

Christian (Other)

Christian Meditation Group

Location: St. James Anglican Church (enter by the office door on Joseph Howe Drive)
Phone: 477.8022

Location: Basement of Saint Mary's Cathedral Basilica (1508 Barrington Street)
Phone: 477.8022

First Church of the Nazarene

Location: 3 Henry Street
Phone: 466.5822
Email: rgyarn@eastlink.ca
Website: www.dartmouthfirstchurch.ca

Grace Chapel (Christian Brethren)

Location: Location: 255 Ross Street, Halifax (Clayton Park)
Phone: 445.2711
Email: info@gracechapel.ca
Website: gracechapel.ca

Halifax Chinese Alliance Church

Location: 1986 Preston St.
Phone: 488.3838
Email: hcac9024883838@gmail.com

Halifax Chinese Christian Church

Location: 958 Barrington Street
Phone: 412.1682
Email: ms8765@gmail.com
Website: www.halifaxchinesechurch.org

Halifax Korean Church

Location: 2021 Oxford Street
Phone: 477.8365
Email: chkang@hotmail.com
Website: www.halifaxkoreanchurch.com

Halifax Metro Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Location: 1129 Sackville Drive, Middle Sackville.
Phone: 864.4652
Email: hfxvineyard@eastlink.ca
Website: www.halifaxvineyard.com

Real Life Community Church

Location: Dalhousie Arts Centre, Rebecca Cohn, Basement, Room 121
Phone: 902.229.5867
Email: info@reallifechurch.ca
Webste: www.reallifechurch.ca


Christian (Pentecostal)

Faith Tabernacle (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada)

Location: 6225 Summit Street
Phone: 455.1523
Email: pastorjohncheyne@faithhalifax.org
Website: www.faithhalifax.org

House of Intercessory Prayer Ministries (PAOC)

Location: 261 Bedford Highway, NS, Canada B3M 2K5
Phone: 902 484-7393
Email: balan@hipm.org
Website: hipm.org

Jesus House Halifax (The Redeemed Christian Church of God)

Location: 2760 Robie Street
Phone: 423.5629
Email: jesushousehalifax@yahoo.ca
Website: www.jesushousehalifax.org

One Church

Location: 1673 Barrington Street, Second Floor
Email: hello@onehalifax.com
Website: www.onehalifax.com

Christian (Presbyterian)

St. David's Presbyterian Church

Location: 1544 Grafton Street
Phone: 423.1944
Email: stdavids@ns.sympatico.ca
Email: msukholee@hotmail.com
Website: www.saintdavids.ca

Christian (Reformed)

All Nations Christian Reformed Church

Location: 2535 Robie Street
Phone: 429.7136
Email: info@allnationscrc.org
Website: www.allnationscrc.org

Christian (Roman Cathoolic)

Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church (Roman Catholic)

Location: 5900 Inglis Street (next to Saint Mary's University)
Phone: 423.3057
Email: office@stacm.ca
Website: www.stacm.ca

Our Lady of Lebanon Church (Antiochian Maronite Catholic Church)

Location: 3844 Joseph Howe Drive
Phone: 443.6162
Email: Fr.Azzi@ourladyoflebanon.org
Website: www.ourladyoflebanon.org

Saint Andrew’s Ukrainian Catholic Mission (Ukrainian Catholic)

Location: 26 Courtney Road (Dartmouth)
Phone: 434.7367

St. Joseph's Newman Centre (Roman Catholic)

Location: 6345 Coburg Road (2nd floor)
Phone 422.8265
Email: frdbryk@gmail.com
Website: www.dal.ca/sjnc

St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica

Location: Spring Garden Road at Barrington Street
Phone: 423.4116
Email: rector@catholicchalifax.org
Website: www.catholichalifax.org

St. Thomas Aquinas Church (Roman Catholic)

Location: 1725 Oxford Street
Phone: 423.3057
Email: office@stacm.ca
Website: www.stacm.ca

Christian (Salvation Army)

Salvation Army Halifax Citadel Community Church

Location: 1327 Barrington Street
Phone: 422.3621
Email: info@warrfareandworship.ca
Website: www.warfareandworship.ca

Christian (Seventh-Day Adventist Church)

Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Location: 2063 Parker Street
Phone: 423.3021
Email: danwilsonpastor@gmail.com
Website: www.halifaxadventist.org

Christian (United Church of Canada)

Brunswick Street United Church

Location: 2107 Brunswick Street
Phone: 481.2782
Email: bsuc@chebucto.ca
Website: bsuc.chebucto.org

Fort Massey United Church

Location: 5303 Tobin Street
Phone: 423.4294
Email: ftmassey@ns.sympatico.ca
Website: www.fortmasseychurch.ca

St. Andrew's United Church

Location: 6036 Coburg Road
Phone: 422.3157
Email: saintandrews@eastlink.ca
Website: standrewshfx.ca

St. John's United Church

Location: 6199 Chebucto Road
Phone: 423.8498
Email: stjohnsunited@eastlink.ca
Website: www.stjohnsunited.com

St. Matthew's United Church

Location: 1479 Barrington Street
Phone: 423.9209
Email: stmatts@ns.sympatico.ca
Website: www.stmatts.ns.ca

Christian (Wesleyan)

Deep Water Church (Wesleyan Church)

Location: Empire Theatres at Park Lane (corner of Spring Garden Road and Dresden Row)
Phone: 406.0990
Email: info@deepwaterchurch.com
Website: www.deepwaterchurch.com

Metro Wesleyan Church

Location: Halifax West High School (Lacewood Drive)
Phone: 443.2161
E-ail: pastorkevin@metrowesleyan.ca
Website: www.metrowesleyan.ca 


Vedanta Ashram Society

Location: 6421 Cork Street
Phone: 431.6000
Website: www.hindutemple-halifax.org

Indigenous Spirituality

Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq

Website: www.cmmns.ca

Mi'kmaq Native Friendship Centre

Location: 2158 Gottingen Street
Website: www.mymnfc.com

Native Post-Secondary Education Counselling Unit

Location: 6286 South Street
Phone: 494.8863
Email: lsyllibo@dal.ca
Website: www.dal.ca/campus_life/student_services/native.html


Al Rasool Islamic Society (Shi’a)

Location: 2027 Bedford Highway
Phone: 443.6914
Email: syedaqeel@hotmail.com

Centre for Islamic Development

Location: 2728–2732 Robie Street
Phone: 455.1887
Email: contact@cidonline.org

Dalhousie Quiet Rooms

Location: 1321 Edward Street (Quiet Room; Dalhousie Multifaith Centre)
Phone: 494.2287
Email: multifaith@dal.ca

Dalhousie Maritime Muslim Student Association

Email: mmsa@dal.ca
Website: www.maritimemuslimstudentassociation.dsu.dal.ca

Dartmouth Mosque

Location: 42 Leaman Drive
Phone: 469.9490
Website: www.islamnovascotia.ca

Islamic Association of Nova Scotia

Location: 42 Leaman Drive (Dartmouth)
Phone: 469.9490
Email: info@islamnovascotia.ca
Website: www.islamnovascotia.ca

Maritime Muslim Academy

Location: 6225 Chebucto Road (Building C)
Phone: 429.9067
Email: admin@maritimemuslimacademy.ca
Website: www.maritimemuslimacademy.ca

Nova Scotia Islamic Community Centre

Location: 777 Kearney Lake Road
Phone: 832.6300
Email: ahmads@hfx.eastlink.ca

Shia Ismali Muslims

Phone: 902.429.6622
Email: naureenali@live.com

UMMAH Masjid and Community Centre

Location: 6225 Chebucto Road (Building B)
Phone: 999.6960
Website: www.ummahmasjid.ca


Atlantic Jewish Council

Location: 5670 Spring Garden Road (Suite 508)
Phone: 422.7491 ext. 227
Email: atlanticjewishcouncill@theajc.ns.ca

Beth Israel Synagogue (Orthodox)

Location: 1480 Oxford Street
Phone: 422.1301
Email: rabbi@thebethisrael.com
Website: www.thebethisrael.com

Chabad - Lubavitch of the Maritimes

Location: 1171 Waterloo Street
Phone: 422.4222
Email: chabadofns@aol.com
Website: http://www.chabadmaritimes.com

Hillel Atlantic - The Dalhousie Jewish Student Association

Location 1881 Walnut Street (Temmy and Albert Latner Centre)
Phone: 420.9130
Email: hillelatlantic.ca/contact.php
Website: www.hillelatlantic.ca

Shaar Shalom Congregation (Conservative)

Location: 1981 Oxford Street
Phone: 423.5848
Email: halifaxrabbi@gmail.com
Website: www.theshaar.ca


Congregation Ner Tamid (Messianic Jewish)

Location: 10 Kidston Road (Captain William Spry Community Centre, 2nd floor)
Phone: 444.0153
Email: nertamid@eastlink.ca
Website: www.nertamid.ca

Other Religious and Spiritual Bodies

Assembly of the Divine Human Spirit

Phone: 902.497.8586
Email: info@divineuniversalspirit.ca
Website: www.divineuniversalspirit.ca

Gurdjieff Society of Atlantic Canada

Email: dablythe@bellaliant.net
Website: www.gurdjieffmaritimes.ca

Spiritual Science Fellowship

Location: 5500 Inglis Street
Website: www.ssfns.org


ESSNS The Earth-Spirit Society of Nova Scotia

Website: www.essns.org

Halifax Earth News

Website: groups.yahoo.com/group/HfxEarthNews

Little Mysteries

Website: www.littlemysteries.com

Maritime Heathen

Website: www.maritimeheathen.org


Quakers (Religious Society of Friends)

Location: 660 Francklyn Street (Atlantic School of Theology Library)
Phone: 429.2904
Website: www.quaker.ca/halifax


Sikh Gurudwara and Maritime Sikh Society

Location: 10 Park Hill Road (off of Purcell's Cove Road)
Phone: 462.4574
Email: tiwana@bellaliant.net
Website: www.maritimesikhsociety.com


Fung Loy Kok Taoist High Shrine

Location: 2029 North Park Street
Phone: 422.8142
Email: atlantic.office@taoist.org
Website: www.taoist.org

Unitarian Universalist

Universalist Unitarian

Location: 5500 Inglis Street
Phone: 429.5500
Email: uuchurch@eastlink.ca
Website: www.uuch.ca


Zoroastrian Community

Phone: 835.5221
Email: s_jagosh@hotmail.com