Resilience Program

About the program

Resilience is defined as being resourceful, flexible, emotionally agile, and having problem-solving abilities. While some resiliency comes naturally, it can also be learned. 

This resilience program (Q-Life) is intended to address feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety, and perceived stress through proven skill development like mindfulness, nutrition, cognitive hygiene and problem solving, to name a few. 

We invite students to participate in the Q-Life program to help you be better prepared for dealing with everyday challenges and stress.

What you get: 

  • Expert advice (meet the experts below!)
  • A course presented uniquely in 5-10 minute YouTube-style videos
  • An easy-to-use workbook where you will work through activities to build your resilience
  • An interactive journal app to help you manage your resilience battery 
  • Access to additional videos from professionals in nutrition, sleep, psychology and exercise 
  • Certified resilience training for your resume and Co-Curricular Record

Total estimated value of the program: Over $500 (and you get it FOR FREE)
Available to all Dalhousie students (all campuses) and full-time King's students

Your commitment to the project:

1 hour/week for 9 weeks, starting when you register

  • 1 assessment at the beginning of the project (15 minutes)
  • A series of short videos (6 hours, 5-10 minutes for each video) 
  • Daily journalling beginning at week 4 (5 minutes/day)
  • Weekly activities and exercises through your "companion" (20 minutes/week)
  • 1 assessment at the end of the project (10 minutes) 

Student Testimonials

Meet Darren

Meet Bill