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Strategies for Mental Health Care in Grad School

Where: Online

When: Wednesday, March 16, 1–2pm

Course work, lab work, thesis preparation, deadlines, meetings, manuscripts etc. Graduate School can be stressful at times. How should we be mindful of our Mental Health during graduate school? How to balance day-to-day life vs. workload and set times to decompress? What is Imposter Syndrome and how to deal with it in grad school? How to stay productive while avoiding burning out? 

Join us in a panel discussion hosting Dr. Leslie Anne Campbell (Sobey Family Child & Adolescent Mental Health Outcomes Chair and Asst. Prof. in Department of Community Health & Epidemiology) and Dr. Susan Lavoie (Professional Counsellor at Student Health and Wellness center) to learn more about maintaining a positive Mental Health during graduate school.

Facilitator: Pooyan Moradi, PhD Candidate, Department of Medical Neuroscience