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Movement Challenge

The Strava competition is brought to this year's MHAW to emphasize the importance of staying physically active for your mental health.

Strava is a social-media-type app where people can compete on leader boards in numerous activities. You can also record activity on the Strava app itself or upload activity from any smart watch or other phone apps. We have created a Strava club titled "Dalhousie Movin' MHAW 2022" that is searchable on the app or website. Once in the group, your activities will show on the group page.

There will be three prizes of gift cards to Sport Check given to students who participate in the

  1. The most number of fitness activities uploaded throughout Mental Health Awareness Week
  2. The greatest number of kilometres walked, ran, biked, hiked, snowshoed etc. throughout the week 
  3. The most minutes spent exercising

We will assess the leader board to determine prizes at the end of the week, but you can check the leader board to compete with other students through the app.

  1. To participate, follow these instructions: 
    1. Download the STRAVA app or open
    2. Create an account
    3. Under clubs search: DalhousieMovin'MHAW2022
    4. Join club
    5. Record or upload exercise and your exercises will appear on the leaderboard
    6. Win Prizes