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Breaking the Silence: Lived Experience with Mental Health and Mental Illness

Tuesday, November 15

Council Chambers, Student Union Building

  • 11:30am–12pm: Lunch 
  • 12–1pm: Presentation

All students, staff and faculty welcome.

Lunch & refreshments provided by DSU Catering. First come, first served.

As a past member of Team Canada’s hockey program, motivational speaker, and firefighter; Kendra shares her personal journey with mental illness and the isolation that cost her the dream of playing in the Olympics.

Her ability to invite people into her recovery through vulnerability, authenticity and passion, leaves people understanding our inherent needs for connection and kindness. In effort to help others avoid crisis, and with the support of sponsors like Northbridge Financial, Kendra is travelling to Universities and Colleges across North America to share her journey and teach others how to show up for themselves, and for others. 

Learn more about Kendra.

Registration encouraged. Drop-ins welcome.