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All Gender Washrooms

An all gender restroom is one where the signage is visibly identified with open, inclusive language, not just male or female. It's evident these facilities are void of gender identity and have accommodations that are especially sensitive to the needs of a greater range of people. Some people are not comfortable using male or female-designated washrooms.

Why all gender restrooms matter

They are an equity issue because many LGBTQ+ persons face discrimination when they enter or exit all gender restrooms. For example, when a masculine-looking lesbian, transgender person, or transsexual woman enters a woman's washroom, she is often subject to harassment in the form of insults, questions about her gender, "whispers" designed for her to hear, or simply looks of confusion from other women in the  room. If the same person decides to use the men's washroom, she risks both emotional and physical harassment if her gender is discovered. Her marginalized position, not fitting into either rigidly defined, sex-derived category of gender, leaves her with nowhere to go. The same holds true for the case of feminine-looking or transsexual men.

The availability of all gender restrooms is also a privacy issue in the broadest sense. Single-person, all gender resthrooms provide privacy to any individual who requires it, no matter their reasons. They are the best solution to ensure access and to eliminate barriers for all persons, no matter what their gender, ability, health status, or shyness.

List of all gender restrooms

This list of all gender restrooms [PDF - 76kB] on the Dalhousie campus is current, but not necessarily exhaustive. A map of these locations is also available online at bit.ly/1tExPE2. If you know of other gender-neutral washrooms not on this listing, send an email to dalally@dal.ca, indicating the building and room number.