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Resources for Allies

Asking the Right Questions

A Canadian resource including interview questions, a glossary, etc., Asking the Right Questions. [PDF - 311kB]

Best practices in safe space initiatives

A summation of Bob Coffey's extensive experience [PDF - 68kB] in LGBTQ student services, residential life, and student activities in a presentation to the Allies and to a meeting of more than 100 residence assistantS.

Campus groups for LGBTQ students

Five representatives of student groups speak on their projects [PDF - 63kB] in gender justice: DalOut, OutLaw, the NSPIRG Rainbow Project, the Dalhousie Women's Centre, and the Student Advisor at the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine.

Coming Out for Students

A panel discussion at a meeting of the Allies at Dalhousie in May 2013 on the topic of Coming Out, with voices from Dalhousie faculty, staff, students, and from the Youth Project. Resources and links are provided at the end of the video.

Dealing with LGBTQ issues in classrooms

Four Dalhousie faculty and two students speak on how LGBTQ issues [PDF - 85kB] are addressed in curricula and classrooms.

The Genderbread Person

A guide to understanding gender - identity, experssion, sex and attraction. 

Gender Expression and Makeup Class

An article and a video of an Allies and DalOut event on best techniques for makeup for the feminine or masculine look.

Guide to Speaking and Writing About Transgender People
A useful set of cautions and sensitivities for interacting with transgender peoples. Click here.

How to Be an Ally If You Are a Person with Privilege

Frances E. Kendall's essay on How to Be an Ally focuses on the intersection of gender and privilege (linked with her permission).

How to Be an Ally to Transgender Persons

How to Be an Ally to Transgender Persons [PDF - 10kB] is a resource developed by Gerry Beemya (linked with his permission).

LGBTQ Athletes: Challenges and Successes

Catherine Meade and Curtis Cartmil discuss homophobia in sport, the impact it has had on LGBTQ individuals competing in sport and the impact it has had on LGBTQ individuals competing at recreational and elite levels. A video of their presentation is available for viewing. A journalistic review of the meeting is also available.

Queer(y)ing the Curriculum and the Classroom

Dr. James McNinch of the University of Regina presents and leads a discussion on "But What Can One Teacher Do in the University Classroom?” [PDF - 75kB]

Resource Guide to Coming Out

A resource from the Human Rights Campaign, in both print and online formats [PDF - 393kB], which includes information on the coming out continuum, telling family members, living openly on your terms, etc.

Sex and National Security: Of Purge Campains and Fruit Machines (video)

A presentation by Dr. Gary Kinsman in the Sex and the Citizen series on the topic of "Sex and National Security: Of Purge Campaigns and Fruit Machines." Dr. Elaine Craig of the Shulich School of Law at Dalhousie was the discussant to the lecture. Visit CCEPA Tube and scroll down to find Sex and the Citizen.

Speaking Up Against Everyday Bigotry

The impact of everyday bigotry and develop ways to respond to such incidents. [PDF - 1.33mB]

Transgender Issues

A panel featuring Jim Oulton, a counsellor and therapist with the Capital District Mental Health Program; Staci Montgomery, an openly transgender woman; and Patrick McAtamney, a trans man. Read the summary. [PDF - 16kB]

Trans* Health Care

A locally-made video from Capital Health that addresses issues of terms, forms of address, and sensitivity for trans* persons.

Trans* Health Guide

A guide published by Capital Health assists in understanding resources and services in Nova Scotia for trans* people. Read the report

Transgender Visibility: A Guide to Being You

A resource from the Human Rights Campaign, in both print and online formats [PDF - 741kB], which includes information on the terms, the disclosure continuum, myths and facts, etc.

What Does it Mean to Be a Man: The Range of Masculinities

A brief outline of Dr. Blye Frank's talk [PDF - 58kB] is available, as well as a video of his presentation.

University resources

DalOUT (The Queer Society at Dalhousie University)

DalOUT is an officially mandated society within the DSU. While it's concerned with issues of education, advocacy, and support for students, it aspires to offer a number of social events and topical meetings.

Dalhousie Medical Student Advisor

A confidential service of support for students by appointment, email, or phone, which also serves LGBTQ students who may be experiencing feelings of isolation. The issues that arise are those of loss of relationship, depression, academic stress, etc. Often the issues are not single matters alone.
Tupper Building, 14th floor - Gita.Sinha@Dal.ca (494.7059)

The Rainbow Project of NSPIRG

The Rainbow Project is a branch of the Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG), which is a student-levied project of the Dalhousie Student Union. The Rainbow Project is a speakers group that strives to reflect the rainbow of LGBTQ people.

The South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre

South House offers events, a safe space, and volunteer opportunites in a women's setting. It exists in recognition of women's common and diverse social, cultural, cognitive, and physiological needs.

Community Resources