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Health Plans & Insurance

Canadian students

You must have a valid provincial health insurance card to cover services at Student Health Services, or at any hospital. Canadian students paying full-time fees are automatically covered by the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) Health and Dental Plan - details below!

International Students

International students coming to Dalhousie University are required to have a comprehensive health plan. For more information visit the International Centre website.

The DSU Health and Dental Plan

The Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) Health and Dental Plan is a student-oriented benefits plan that provides students with coverage for prescriptions, dental, travel, accident, vision, and many other services and perks. 

What coverage do I have?

Students beginning in September

If you are a full-time student beginning classes in September you are automatically enrolled in the DSU Health Plan and the cost of the plan is included in your student fees.

Students beginning in January or May

If you are beginning classes in January or May, you must opt in to the plan. 

Students on co-op or exchange

If you are on co-op or exchange you must opt in to the plan. 

Students taking distance courses (exclusively)

If you taking only distance courses you must opt in to the plan. 

Quebec students

Effective September 1, 2003, all patients covered by Quebec Provincial Health Care will be required to pay for their office visit (and any additional service fees) at the time of their appointment. 

The cost of a regular office visit is currently $35. Additional charges for additional or uninsured services will vary, but will be based on the amount currently paid by MSI (Nova Scotia provincial health coverage).

All patients will be issued a receipt which they can personally submit to the Regie de Quebec for reimbursement.

Dalhousie Health Service accepts DalCard, cash, debit, Visa, and Mastercard. No personal cheques.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause our Quebec patients. However, as the province of Quebec does not have a reciprocal billing policy similar to all other provinces and territories, it is necessary to implement this policy.

Dual citizenship - Canada and another country

If you are a dual citizen, and hold a Canadian passport, you may not be automatically enrolled under the DSU International Health Plan if you have applied to Dalhousie as a Canadian citizen. In addition, you may not be eligible for Nova Scotia provincial health care (MSI) until you fulfill specific requirements. 

To confirm your health insurance status, please contact the DSU Health Plan Office as soon as possible. 


Opt in/out of the DSU Health & Dental Plan

If you currently do not have coverage, or if you have equivalent coverage through another plan (such as one carried by your parents) you may be able to opt in/out. Please visit the StudentVIP website for more information.

Fall 2017 opt in/out period: August 8-September 18, 2017
Note: Students must opt out of the plan every year

Pick up your health insurance card when you arrive on campus

All students who are covered under the DSU Health Plan and DSU International Health Plan should pick-up their health insurance card when they arrive in September from the DSU Health Plan Office, located on the 3rd floor of the Student Union Building.