Dal After Dark

Dal After Dark is a program facilitated by Dal’s Student Life and Student Health & Wellness departments to provide Dalhousie and King’s students with an opportunity to host fun and interactive events open to all. Dal After Dark’s primary functions for the 2018–19 academic year include:

Grant Funding

Grant Funding of up to $750 for alternative event programming is available for Dalhousie/King's students and student groups  for events that meet the following Dal After Dark guidelines:

  • The event will be alcohol-and substance-free.​
  • The event will not promote alcohol consumption or cannabis use in any way.
  • The event will aim to educate students on lower risk alcohol use and the dangers of high-risk alcohol use in conjunction with student health and wellness promotion.
  • Must be open to all Dal/King’s students.
  • Applications must be submitted by Sunday at 4pm (Atlantic Time) two weeks prior to the event date. Applications submitted after this deadline risk not being reviewed until the following week. 

Awards will be determined by a selection committee comprised of students and professional staff. The Selection Committee will review applications on Mondays two weeks in advance of the event date.

Submit your application online now.

We are currently giving priority to events being hosted on March 15,16 & 17, 2019.


PLEASE NOTE: As the number of grants available is limited, you are encouraged to apply early to increase your chances of receiving funding.

Grant Application Process

The grant application process follows the following process:

Prior to the event

  1. Once an application is submitted, it is reviewed by the grant committee at least 2 weeks prior to the proposed event date. 
  2. After the application has been reviewed, the primary event organizer is contacted with either a notification of approval or follow up questions regarding the event. 
    • If there is no need for clarification, you will be notified on the status of your application.
    • If there are clarification questions, your application will be on hold until all concerns are addressed. The time frame of the approval process will then depend on the applicants' response time.
  3. Once the grant application has been approved you will be required to meet with a Dal After Dark member to further discuss the event and provide clarification on event funding, promotion, and support. 
  4. As part of the grant approval email, you will be provided with a grant package that ought to be completed and returned within 10 days of the event.


Funding for a Dal After Dark event is provided through reimbursements or invoice payments. 

As a primary event organizer, you are required to provide the Dal After Dark Team with the invoices, event orders, or receipts for which you require funding within 10 days of the event.  

Please note that Dal After Dark funding can be provided for the following expenses:

  • Food
  • Performances
  • Transportation
  • Printing of Promotional Materials
  • Room Bookings
  • Paid Professional Staff
  • Other - on a case by case basis

Dal After Dark funding will not fund events that provide alcohol, cannabis, or other substances.

After the event

Within 10 days  of the event you are required to provide the Dal After Dark team with:

  • Any receipts, invoices, or event orders that require reimbursement
  • A completed grant package along with a summary of the event and photos

Please note that it is the responsibility of the primary event organizer to provide the Dal After Dark team with these materials in order to receive reinbursement for the event.

The Dal After Dark team can assist you with any questions prior to the event and provide support for event promotion and organization, however, it is not the responsibility of the Dal After Dark team or Grant Committee to remind you of any outstanding payments/reimbursements. 


Dalhousie Student Union and Dal After Dark

Societies that have received funding from the DSU for events are still eligible to submit an application for Dal After Dark funding — please indicate that you have received additional funding on the application form.


  • Societies may partner up to host events and submit applications for the same event. 
  • Societies can partner up with other organizations or societies from different universities to host an event are eligible for Dal After Dark funding as long as the event proposed still meets the Grant Application criteria. 


Contact us!

If you have questions regarding alcohol harm reduction, please contact jl.baron@dal.ca.

If you have questions regarding grant funding, please contact afterdark@dal.ca.



Have an event idea? We'll fund it! Dal & King's students and student societies can apply for a grant, worth up to $750! Submit your application online now.



March 2019

April 2019

  • April 6: Sunset Meditation Hike
    • Location To Be Anounced | 5:30 - 8:30 PM
  • April 12: Sunset Meditation Hike
    • Location To Be Anounced | 5:30 - 8:30 PM