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*Check back in 2022 for info on next year's Dal Lead Conference!


Proposal Deadline: January 29, 2021


The Dal Lead planning committee is currently accepting presentation proposals from individuals or groups interested in presenting a concurrent session at the conference.

Concurrent sessions are 60 minutes in length with presentations that are 20 to 50 minutes long in a variety of formats, such as workshops, facilitated discussion or lecture style presentations. Topics can include:

    Learning Labs: Learning labs are hands-on workshops that gets people participating actively in the program. 

    Show-and-tell: Presenters display their ideas in a lecture style, traditional presentation style, or facilitated discussion and conversation. 

    Snapshots: Short presentations on a specific topic or a summary of their ideas. (15 minutes in length)

    Highlighted projects: Presenters introduce their on-campus, student-run initiative. They aim to inspire students to begin their own student-led initiative at Dalhousie as well as inform them how they can get involved. These will be 15 minutes in length.

Students selected to present at the conference receive a recognition on their Co-Curricular Record. 

Contact for general inquiries about the proposal process or the Dal Lead 2021 Conference.

General Information

Your concurrent session may be either a skill-based , issue-based, and/ or theory-based session that align with one of the core areas of the programming:

  • Community Leadership: (community issues, human rights, sustainability, environment, community organizing, social movements, outreach, global citizenship etc.)
  • On-Campus Leadership: (res-life, athletics, academic-based leadership, campus issues, student issues, etc.)
  • Personal Leadership: (personal leadership experiences, team dynamics, servant leadership, resolving conflict etc.)
  • Career-Related Leadership: Personal branding, discovering your career path, leadership in the workplace etc.)


Submissions showcase the key messages of your presentation, it should not be the whole presentation you plan on presenting. Proposals should be limited to 500 words in written form, 6 slides for PowerPoint, and 3 minutes for videos.

In your proposal submission, please explain how your presentation will coincide with this theme while including: 

  • Quality information  
  • Engaging delivery  
  • Relatability 
  • Applicability 
  • Organization (you will be evaluated based on these points)
  • Indicate whether your proposal is for a 15-20 minute presentation or a 40 - 50 minute presentation
  • Indicate how you plan on presenting your presentation at the conference: formal, semi-formal, informal 

Presentation proposals can be submitted as a video file, essay format description, in person (email to set up meeting), and preliminary power point presentation with a roadmap (main points and take aways). For any other format, please email

When submitting proposals, please indicate your presentation needs/requirements.

Contact for general inquiries about the proposal process or Dal Lead Conference.

If you have an experience to share or a topic to explore, we want to hear from you - Submit Your Proposal Today!

Example Presentations Topics


Challenging Mental Health Stigma
Apathy and Civic Engagement

Alcohol & Sexual Violence, How do We Stop it?
Make it Happen: Navigating and Finding On-Campus Funding and Resources

Personal/ Career 
Exploring Mindfulness:The Mindful Leader
Invisible Privilege: How to be an Inclusive Leader
Exploring Your Leadership Style