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Call for proposal deadline extended to January 19th!

Dal Lead! is currently accepting proposals from individuals or groups interested in presenting a concurrent session at the conference. Concurrent sessions are either 45-60 minutes in length such as workshops, facilitated discussion or lecture style presentations or 15 minute presentations like a TED talk.  Sessions include:

Learning Labs: Learning labs are hands-on workshops that gets people participating actively in the program. 45 minutes-60 Minutes

Show-and-tell:  Presenters display their ideas in a lecture style, traditional presentation style, or facilitated discussion and conversation. 45 minutes - 60 minutes in length.

Snapshots:  These are like a TED talk.  Short presentations on a specific topic or a summary of their ideas. 15 minutes in length.

Highlighted projects:
Presenters introduce their on-campus, student-run initiative. They aim to inspire students to begin their own student-led initiative at Dalhousie as well as inform them how they can get involved. These will be 15 minutes in length.

Your concurrent session may also be either a skill-based , issue-based, and/ or theory-based session that align with one of the core areas of the programming:

  • Community Leadership: (community issues, human rights, sustainability, environment, community organizing, social movements, outreach, global citizenship etc.)
  • On-Campus Leadership: (res-life, athletics, academic-based leadership, campus issues, student issues, etc.,
  • Personal Leadership: (personal leadership experiences, team dynamics, servant leadership, resolving conflict etc.,
  • Career-Related Leadership: Personal branding, discovering your career path, leadership in the workplace etc.


Challenging Mental Health Stigma
Apathy and Civic Engagement

Alcohol & Sexual Violence, How do We Stop it?
Make it Happen: Navigating and Finding On-Campus Funding and Resources

Personal/ Career 
Exploring Mindfulness:The Mindful Leader
Invisible Privilege: How to be an Inclusive Leader
Exploring Your Leadership Style

Student's presenting at the conference will receive a free registration to the conference

Contact dallead@dal.ca for general inquiries about the proposal process or the Dal Lead! Conference

If you have an experience to share or a topic to explore, we want to hear from you-  SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL TODAY


Contact dallead@dal.ca for general inquiries about the proposal process or the Dal Lead! Conference