Presentation Descriptions

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Dal Lead 2021 Panel & Presentations

Read below for more information about the panel and presentations taking place during Dal Lead 2021!



Maria Emilia

Fuki Asai

Carin Mahon

Jessica MacKeen 

Navigating through the challenges of virtual student engagement during a pandemic



  • Maria Emilia (She/her) - President, Dalhousie Latinos and Hispanics in STEM
  • Fuki Asai (She/Her) - President, Dalhousie Japanese Society
  • Carin Mahon (She/Her) - Vice-President, Dalhousie Japanese Society
  • Diem Pham (She/her) - Dalhousie South East Asian Nations Society
  • Jessica MacKeen (She/Her) - Community Liasion, School of Resource and Environmental Studies Student Society
  • Peri Lockhart (She/Her) - Health Programming Coordinator, Dal After Dark, Student Health & Wellness

This panel will focus on how student leaders have been navigating through the challenges of virtual student engagement during a pandemic.

As part of the panel we will be asking questions about everyone's experience as a student leader on campus and how their societies have managed to host events since moving to online learning.

Kayla 'KJ' Goruk

Anna Minarik

Dimensions of Health and Overcoming Challenges


  • Kayla 'KJ' Goruk (She/Her/Hers), 3rd year student, Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Minoring in French 
  • Anna Minarik (She/Her/Hers), 3rd year student, Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

In this presentation, Kayla and Anna will share their personal experiences navigating through the different challenges they have had as students and navigating through career changes at Dalhousie. Kayla and Anna will share their own way of managing through the different resources offered at Dal and different leadership opportunities in the university, as well as how they managed to turn a student society into a non-profit organization.

This presentation also touches on navigating through mental/physical health challenges as a student and how to build strategies to adapt to unexpected changes.


Olivia Giansante-Torres (She/Her/Hers)

Conflict Management in Leadership


  • Olivia Giansante-Torres (She/Her/Hers), Master of Resource and Environmental Management.

In this presentation, Olivia will be discussing forms of conflict and how to navigate conflict management resolution as it relates to different leadership styles.

This presentation is structured as a self-reflective session focusing on the importance of knowing and understanding different conflict styles and how it can impact group cohesion.

As part of the presentation, you will be asked to complete a survey (at home) to determine your own form of conflict resolution.

Elizabeth O'leary

Working in a Group


  • Elizabeth O’Leary (She/Her/Hers)

In this workshop, you will:

  • Come away with strategies for building a successful group
  • Gain knowledge about group processes to improve group communication
  • Learn how to avoid common group work problems
  • Share strategies for dealing with difficult group members
  • Gain practical steps and information to give you the knowledge and understanding of an effective working group

This workshop offers quality information that is updated each year as part of the Studying for Success Program.

In order to engage students, this workshop has an in-workshop activity that helps students identify which group role may fit them best. To relate to the many different aspects of group work in any discipline, this workshop breaks down the process of group work and how to move forward.

For real-world applicability, there are also three group conflict scenarios that the workshop presenter will go through with the students and ask for their opinions on how to resolve the conflict. lastly, this information is all laid out in a manner that takes the students through figuring out which group work role(s) suit them best, how to form the group, how to resolve conflict and how to provide honest work. Additionally, there are other handouts that are provided for students that will help them with this process in the future.