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Meet your Committee

Rigel Biscione Cruz

Position: Chair, DAL Lead! Organizing Committee

  • Peer Advisor – International, Co-Curricular & Experiential Learning, Bissett Student Success Centre

Program of Study: 4th year Student; Double Major in Psychology and Philosophy

How I got Involved: I got involved with DAL Lead! last year through my

work at the Bissett Student Success Centre. I was involved with the DalConnects program at the time, and my supervisor asked if I was interested in getting involved with the conference. At first, I was only volunteering and assisting the committee with the marketing of the conference, but as the day of DAL Lead! approached I started to get more and more involved with planning and eventually joined the Organizing Committee. Being involved in the planning was a great experience that allowed me to form meaningful connections with a lot of other students on campus. This year, I had the opportunity to take a more active role in the organizing the conference and putting the DAL Lead! 2018 organizing committee together.

Gizelle de Guzman

Position: Lead, Marketing Subcommittee

  • Vice President Communications – Jam for Justice
  • Lifeguard and Customer Service Representative, Dalplex

Program of Study: 2nd year Student, Bachelor of Commerce

How I got Involved: Since High School, I have attended numerous leadership conferences and taken all opportunities to get involved in my community. Last year, I had the opportunity to be a part of the DAL Lead! committee and I loved every aspect of that experience. DAL Lead! has since then become something that I want to keep on doing throughout my University Career.

Justin d’Entremont

Position: Lead, Sponsorship Subcommittee

Program of Study: 4th year Honours Student in Neuroscience.

How I got Involved: I quite literally got dragged into to DAL Lead! during my second year at Dal by a friend who was already involved, when they showed up at my door desperately needing an extra set of hands with some things late at night the evening before the conference. My friend has since moved on, but I really enjoyed working with this amazing group of people and decided to stick around! This year marks my second year on the DAL Lead! Committee, third as a volunteer, and I currently oversee sponsorship for the event as well as dabbling in the marketing and logistics side of things as well.

Sandra Sunil

Position: Co-Lead, Volunteer Subcommittee

Program of Study: 2nd year Student; Double major in Neuroscience and Political Science

How I got involved: I love being part of such an inspirational and mind changing conference. Last year was my first year with being part of DAL Lead! and I couldn't imagine a better way to start my journey at Dal. The connections you make and the conversations you foster are things you will never forget and will cherish forever. This conference teaches me each year more about myself the more I get involved. I am very grateful that it is something everyone can experience together that overall leads to positive change on and off campus.

Raphaela Magboo

Position: Co-Lead, Volunteer Subcommittee

  • Resident Assistant, Risley Hall

Program of Study: 2nd year Student; Double Major in Sociology and Social Anthropology & Political Science.

How I got Involved: I was a volunteer and participant last year. DAL Lead! has opened opportunities for me to meet incredible community members and student leaders, which has become my inspiration in becoming the best version of myself, a leader.

Tanaka Shumba

Position: Co-Lead, Volunteer Subcommittee

  • Peer Support Worker – Mental Health, Student Health & Wellness

Program of Study: 2nd year Student; Bachelor of Science, Medical Sciences

How I got Involved: I attended the East Coast Student Leadership Conference in October 2016 and from there I never looked back. Consequently, I became involved in the planning of the Dal Lead (February 2017) as a volunteer. Being part of DAL Lead! has been a life changing experience for me because I have met a lot of like-minded people and I get to hear inspirational stories and talks from people from all walks of life.

Irene Rose Saliendra

Position: Co-Lead, Logistics Subcommittee

  • Programming Lead – First year; Dalhousie Student Engagement Program (DSEP)

Program of Study: 3rd year Business Management Student; Majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

How I got Involved: I got involved with the DAL Lead! Conference through past members who suggested this event as a great opportunity to get experience – coordinating a conference – that aligned with my event coordination career goals.

Sara Abdessamie

Position: Co-Lead, Logistics Subcommittee

  • Member, Prime Minister’s Youth Council
  • President, Dalhousie Accessibility and Inclusion Society
  • Youth Speaker, We Day

Program: 2nd year Student, Medical Sciences

How I got Involved: I got involved with DAL Lead! last year during my 1st year of university. I think it’s such a great opportunity for students to get together, meet new people and learn more about leadership on campus. Organizing the event was definitely a highlight of my first year and it’s great to help organizing it this year again. I recommend all students to attend the event or to volunteer!

Francis Mbroh

Position: Committee Member

Program of Study: 3rd year Student; Bachelor of Science, Medical Sciences with a Minor in Psychology

How I got Involved: In my first two years at Dalhousie I had come across the vibrant DAL Lead! logo plastered on walls outside lecture halls, on residence bulletin boards, and the powerline poles. Though I wasn’t aware of how much of an impact the conference made until I heard about it more formally after attending a DalConnects workshop. I learned that the theme for last year’s conference was “Make Your Mark” and that is when I decided that I would make my mark on this year’s conference by fully immersing myself in everything DAL Lead! by contributing to the planning of the event. I look forward to seeing everything come together and helping discover “What’s Next?”.

Yu Ying Poon

Position: Committee Member

Program of Study: 2nd year Student, Bachelor of Management

How I got Involved: I wanted to get more involve in Dalhousie and get to know more people.

Shane LeBlanc

Position: Committee Member

  • Coordinator, Career Programming - Bissett Student Success Centre

How I got Involved: I have always been passionate about supporting student leaders and giving them the space to develop their leadership capacity and that is what drew me to my role and Dal Lead. In 2015 I had the opportunity to present at Dal Lead and I was inspired by the whole event. This year I am glad to be supporting the planning of the event.

Cory Larsen

Program: Theatre Studies

Position: Vice President (Student Life) Dalhousie Student Union

How I got involved: My position within the Dalhousie Student Union gives precedent for me to assist in the planning of Dal Lead is the simple answer. However, being a student leader myself, I am passionate about inspiring others who naturally (and unnaturally) are driven towards leadership positions.

Laara Richardson

Position: Committee Member

  • Peer Advisor, Bissett Student Success Centre

Program: Final Year Student; Social Work 

How I got involved: My first DalLead Conference was three years ago, and I remember sitting there with my peers all around me and listening to people speak and tell their truths was so inspiring to me! It helped to both ground with wisdom and shoot me into the stars with practical advice. I kept coming back to enjoy the atmosphere and see the power of students working together. Last year I had the honor of presenting at the conference with some friends and it was exciting to be on the other side and give out some of the inspiration that I had filled with. This year I took it to the next level and stepped onto the Committee to help add my experiences to this already amazing team. To be part of the team that is student focused and centered, and willing to step out in new and exciting ways to create opportunity for students to try and succeed in new and innovative ways. 

Brandon Randall

Position: Committee Member

  • Projects & Program Coordinator, International Centre