International Student Work Experience Program

For on-campus employers only

Dalhousie University has committed to launching a program- ISWEP in 2020 to support international student success by providing valuable career readiness training and professional work experience. 

The International Student Work Experience Program (ISWEP) is designed to provide full-time international students at Dalhousie University with pre-employment preparation and on-campus paid work experience.

Workshop and Training for the International Student Work Experience Program will be delivered by Career Services & the International Centre 

Employer partners will be provided an Employer Guide to the International Work Experience Program

Important Timelines

  • Dalhousie Employer partners will be invited to participate in program orientation & training workshops to learn about ISWEP October 15th from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. in the Collaborative Health Education Building in room C266. 
  • ISWEP job postings should be submitted to MyCareer by November 8th 2019
  • Winter placements begin between January 6th and January 8th 2020
  • Employer feedback survey for the winter placements will be sent out on March 31st2020
  • Report on employer feedback for the winter term will be shared on May 30th2020


The rate of pay for ISWEP jobs is $14/hour for a 100 hours per semester for each student.

Student eligibility

All full-time students with a valid study permit that allows for up to 20 hours of on campus/off campus work are eligible. The International Centre and the Registrar’s office will be available to assist in verification of student status.

Please note: Permanent residents are not eligible to apply.

International undergraduate and graduate students registered at the Truro, Studley, Sexton and Carlton campus are all eligible to participate in the program.

Placement details

The initial phase of the program seeks to provide placements to 140 international students over the winter and summer terms.

Winter 2020: 70 placements
Fall 2020: 70 placements
The students will complete 100 hour work placement over 12 weeks (per term)

For questions or concerns, please reach out to the ISWEP program coordinator, Cecilia Khamete, via email at


ISWEP Eligibility Form [PDF]

Co-Curricular Competencies [PDF]

Examples of employment opportunities

Students helping students

Includes positions where students assist other students directly or through supporting curricular or Co-Curricular programming.  

Job titles may include:Peer advisor, athletic services assistant, Library assistant, Student ambassador etc.

Co-Curricular competencies may include:Appreciating diversity, Effective communication, Collaboration, Leadership development, Enhanced Self Awareness, Social responsibility.


Students use acquired knowledge and skills to participate in research in a lab, classroom, or library setting to assist the research mandate of the university 

Job titles may include:Lab assistant, Research assistant, Archival assistant

Co-Curricular competencies may include:Research skills, Collaboration, Intellectual growth, Intentional learning, Effective communication.


Includes positions where students perform various functions required for the ongoing day to day operations of the unit.

Job titles may include: Event planner, Marketing assistant, Web designer, IT support, Finance/Admin assistant, Customer service support, Project coordinator.

Co-Curricular competencies may include:Professionalism, Develop meaningful interpersonal relationships, Effective communication, Enhanced self-awareness.