Funding Opportunities

Employers are able to apply for funding to assist with the cost of employing a student at your organization. Funding opportunities are often catagorized by province or industry.

Nova Scotia 

As a valued partner, we are pleased to advise you of the Graduate to Opportunity Program, the province’s recently-announced funding opportunity for Nova Scotia employers.

 This provincially-operated program will enable you to grow your business by attracting Dalhousie’s best and brightest grads to your team, or retain proven talent by offering a Dalhousie co-op or internship student a full-time position upon graduation.

This program offers employers the chance to hire recent graduates by providing salary support for the first two years of employment.

You qualify for this program if:

  • You have fewer than 100 employees, or are a social enterprise, not-for-profit or registered charity.
  • You are willing to pay at least $30,000 annually. Government will pay 25 per cent of the salary in year 1, and 12.5 per cent in Year 2.

You can hire anyone who has completed a post-secondary program within the last year and will live and work in Nova Scotia.

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