Mentorship Program

The Dalhousie University Mentorship Program allows students to create a meaningful connection with industry professionals who are able to share their career and education experiences with students. 

In this program, we’ll match you up with a student who has an education profile and career goals similar to your own. 

As a mentor you'll help guide them through some of the challenges faced in developing their careers, and provide them access to a greater network of contacts. 


How to Get Involved

Employers or alumni interested in becoming mentors are encouraged to contact Please provide a copy of your updated resume.

Please provide a copy of your resume along with a list of your extracurricular activities.

Program Guidelines

  • Students and mentors will be matched based on their educational backgrounds and career gaols.
  • Once matched, students are responsible for initiating and maintaining contact with their mentor.
  • The mentorship relationship will be confidential and professional.
  • Students should ensure a minimum of two points of contact with their mentor.
  • Students are responsible for preparing questions and topics for discussion.
  • The role of a mentor is not to find a job for the student.
  • Mentors and students have the right to conclude their mentorship match at any time.