Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision

Career Services is committed to a future where all students and alumni are fully prepared for a successful life after university. We complement the academic experience in achieving this vision by providing opportunities for students to explore and reflect on experiences that directly impact their future. With a focus on career education and developing leadership potential, Career Services contributes relevant services, events, and information that are critical to student growth and development.

Our mission

With a student-centred approach, Career Services strives to:

  • Acknowledge and support the extensive leadership and volunteer contributions students make to the community;
  • Create, support, and encourage meaningful and diverse experiences that allow students to broaden and strengthen their personal and professional networks;
  • Demonstrate innovative approaches to programs and service delivery in the areas of career advising, leadership development, experiential learning, and active citizenship;
  • Leverage our networks and community connections and partnerships to provide rich and meaningful experiences for students.
  • Offer up-to-date accessible information and resources.

Our values

  • Students as our primary focus
  • Individual and institutional diversity
  • Reflective practice and critical thinking
  • Quality through continuous improvement
  • A safe and inclusive environment
  • Effective communication and teamwork
  • Collaborative approaches to implementing services and programs
  • Meaningful partnerships with internal and external organizations