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Student Leadership Fund


The Dalhousie Student Leadership Fund can provide financial assistance to students, student groups and student societies for special initiatives and events that enhance student experience, overall campus life or demonstrate student leadership.  

Projects that are dedicated to the principles of personal and community development and, in particular, provide co-curricular educational opportunities for students to build leadership, citizenship, inter-cultural awareness and/or community-building skills are encouraged. Preference will be given to those projects in which the broader University community can participate.

Funding Eligibility 

  • Individual students/ student groups that have a leadership role in an event/ project/ initiative (organizing, planning, presenting, delivery, showcasing)
  • Individual students who are attending an event/ activity/ project to learn AND implement new initiatives on the Dalhousie campus that will broadly benefit Dalhousie students and enhance the quality of student life.
  • Dalhousie student groups or student societies planning and organizing an event on campus that is open to all students and enhances the quality of Dalhousie student life.

Funding Guidelines & Requirements

  • One funding request per student/student group will be approved per fiscal year
  • The applicant(s) must be a registered student(s) at Dalhousie at the time of application
  • The student club or group must be recognized by and be a member in good standing with its sanctioning body
  • The event or initiative must occur within the existing academic year or the upcoming academic year
  • The project must be co-curricular and not be a class lecture, lab, practicum, or internship. As a requirement, you must submit a description of the activity which will be added to your Co-Curricular Record 
  • You must complete the request form, including a detailed budget.
  • Requests must be submitted a minimum of 5 weeks in advance.
  • 60% of approved funding will be provided in advance of initiative or event. 40% will be provided upon return with proof of travel/ attendance, participation and expenses. (see form for additional details)
  • Additional requirements may be requested on a case by case basis. 

Funding Decisions: 

What is eligible for funding?

  1. Speaker fees and associated expenses 
  2. Room and equipment rentals for meetings and conferences
  3. Supplies (such as badges, labels, paper etc.)
  4. Marketing, promotional or communication expenses
  5. Travel expenses
  6. Other operating expenses not excluded below

 What is NOT eligible for funding?

  1. Purchase of equipment
  2. Expenses such as gifts, charitable donations, wages, or volunteer recognition activities

The approval and amount of funding will be contingent upon:

  1. The availability of funds and the total amount of requests received over the fiscal year.
  2. The alignment of the project, activity, initiative or event with the stated goals and priorities of the Fund.
  3. The potential impact of the proposed project, activity or program.
  4. The degree of initiative taken to raise funds from other sources. 

Supporting Documentation Required

  • Upon completion of the project or conference, you must submit your reflection. You must also provide proof of event costs (e.g. travel receipts, hotel bills, conference registration fee receipts, program materials costs, etc.). Funding will be revoked if this requirement is not met.


  • The maximum award for a group application for events or activities is $2,500
  • The maximum award for individual projects, events or activities is $500
  • Please note that payment by cheque may take a minimum of 15 business days to be issued


For inquiries please contact cldc@dal.ca