Supplemental Classes


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During the fall and winter terms, the Writing Centre supports student writing development in an increasing number of writing-intensive classes or classes with a large writing component that historically first-year students find difficult. The link with the classes may mean a weekly, out-of-class tutorial focused on writing assignments; sometimes, it means a series of 3-5 sessions in the class on a variety of topics; at other times, it is an introductory session and several peer-review workshops in the class or outside class time.

The style of the link with classes is determined by instructor preference and best-practices for students. Whatever the format and frequency, the supplemental classes always involve working on the course assignments, teaching greater understanding of disciplinary conventions, and developing students’ skills in writing and thinking.

If you would like to discuss a supplemental class connection with your class, the Writing Centre staff can meet with you and discuss what works best. Email Dr. Margie Clow-Bohan for an appointment.



Fall 2019 Supplemental Classes

Classics 1103 / Religious Studies 1201: Gods, Heroes, and Monsters
Computer Science 1800: Computing and Society in History
English 1025: Why Literature Matters
English 1040: Reading Popular Culture
English 1050: Pulp Fiction
English 1100: Writing for University Nursing
English 1100: Writing for University Kinesiology
Philosophy 1010: Introduction to Philosophy
Science 1111: Writing for the Sciences

Winter 2020 Supplemental Classes

Check back here for updates in early January.