Supplemental Classes


The Writing Centre can provide dedicated writing support for first-year writing intensive courses in English, Science, Computer Science, and other disciplines. 

Several models of supplemental support are available; we tailor the support to the students and course in consultation with the course instructor.

Advisors concentrate on developing students’ skills in writing and thinking and teach disciplinary writing as related to the course outcomes and assignments.

Two common forms:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly workshops. A writing advisor in the field of study holds a dedicated workshop every week or several times a term. The workshops are outside regular class time and focus on writing skills practice needed for course assignments.
  • Dedicated drop-in times. Set times are established for drop-in writing questions or consultation with an advisor or tutor familiar with the course and its assignments.  

If you are a faculty member who would like to discuss a supplemental class connection for your course, please contact Janice MacDonald Eddington. Thank you.