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Block Registration

Some programs require Block Registration—meaning that you register in a block of courses.

To register

1. From the Registration screen, choose Block Registration.

2. Select the Term you wish to register for.

3. Find your program from the list. Many of the programs that use block registration
    have been listed here with their code:

Term to Select
DDS Regular
Dental Hygiene
DDH Regular
Dentistry Qualifying DQP Regular
The department will provide you with the code you're to use.
  Fall then winter
Fall then winter
Law has several blocks, listed as "Law - Block #". The school will tell you which block to choose.
LAW Fall then winter
MD Regular
Nursing (Advanced Standing - Nursing - semester 3 and 4)
  Fall then winter
Pharmacy (Year 1, 2, 3 and 4) BSCPH Fall then winter
Physiotherapy (Year 1 and 2) MSCPT Fall then winter
Postgraduate Medicine PGM Regular
Postgraduate Pharmacy PGP Fall then winter

4. Select the radio button for your program then click on Register at the bottom
    of the page. You can also select Add to worksheet, which will add the CRN's for the
    courses to your Add/Drop page.


Some graduate programs also use block registration. Refer to Faculty of Graduate Studies website for more information.

Returning Law Students need to record individual CRNs (course reference numbers) or use the course search.