Wait Lists and Changing Courses

If a course is full, can I put myself on a wait list?

It depends on the course. If a course has a wait list, it will have a wait list entry on the timetable. When you try to register, Dal Online will tell you that the course is full and ask if you would like to add your name to the list. You must select "Wait list" from the drop-down menu that appears next to the course and click on the "Submit Changes" button to add yourself to the wait list.

When a space in the course becomes available, the department will give you permission through Dal Online, to register. It's important to check your registration status often to see if permission has been granted.

Once you've received permission, you'll have three days to register. If you don't register within that timeframe, you'll be removed from the wait list and another student will be offered the available spot.

It's your responsibility to register for the course from the wait list. Receiving permission to register from the wait list does not automatically register you in the course. It's also important that you take yourself off a wait list if you're no longer interested in taking the course.

To register for a course after you've received permission, you will need to first drop the class and then add it again by entering the CRN on the Add/Drop Courses page on Dal Online.

Can I change courses?

It is not uncommon for students to make changes to their registration in the early part of the term. Course changes will normally be completed during the first two weeks of classes. You can change courses through Dal Online.

See more information on adding/dropping classes.