Dalhousie University - Inspiring Minds


Before You Begin

Before you can register for courses, be sure you’ve completed the following.

  1. Did you receive your acceptance package?
 You need to have applied to Dalhousie, been accepted and received your acceptance package. Your acceptance package contains important information, including your student number.

  2. Pay your $200 admission deposit.
 Processing will take at least 24 hours.

  3. Set up your NetID
. Your NetID provides access to email, computer labs and other services.
     - Your Dalhousie student ID (Your student number, sometimes called your Banner number, appears on your acceptance letter and starts with B00).
     - Paid your deposit to Student Accounts

  4. Login to Dal Online
    -You will use your NetID and password to login.

  5. Check your registration status to find out when you can register for courses and make sure there are no holds on your account.

  6. If you're a returning student, check your degree requirements/complete a degree audit.

  7. If you're a transfer student, you can find an overview of the academic timetable in the First-year Students section.

  8. If you're a first-year student, and you haven't already, refer to the First-year Students section before selecting/registering for courses.

  9. Have the academic calendar and academic timetable ready.

Completed all of the above?

If you've completed the checklist above, you are ready to begin choosing your classes.