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Self Disclosure and Confidentiality

Student Academic Success Services

Academic assignments, course progress, and matters of a personal and private nature can be discussed with Student Services’ advisors, coaches or tutors. Your discussion with advisors, coaches and tutors will be considered confidential with these exceptions:

  • When you provide written permission to disclose information to a parent, counsellor, physician, professor (or others)
  • When an advisor, coach or tutor believes that you may be at risk of harm to yourself or someone else;
  • When an advisor, coach or tutor becomes aware that a crime has been committed; or
  • When you communicate or do something that is a violation of university policy.

We take your well-being and your right to privacy seriously. We also take our responsibility to uphold academic integrity standards seriously.

We encourage you to review and become familiar with Dalhousie's list of Academic Policies.

Advisors, coaches and tutors fall under Student Academic Success Services. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns: